Priya Saxena

Priya Saxena

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Look For A Quality Web Hosting Provider In India
by Priya Saxena - 2015-09-14 07:50:28 in General Information

In order to run a website, you need a powerful computer connected to a high-speed internet. These computers popularly known as servers store all the files needed to run a website, along with the requisite software to appropriately and efficiently deliver these files to a user who has requested it via Internet.


Obtain Efficiency And Reliability With Colocations Services
by Priya Saxena - 2014-08-08 02:29:03 in Domain Names

In order to stay afloat in the business world, and rise above the cut throat competition, one has to make use of effective and reliable internet hosting. Such services are offered only by dedicated colocation services. Such servers are robust enough to manage an online business effectively.


Trends In Cloud Computing
by Priya Saxena - 2014-07-23 10:34:26 in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has undergone radical changes and has revolutionized the way companies do business Undeniably, this technology is being adopted at a rapid pace by companies owing to the benefits it has to offer. Additionally, businesses are seeking for explicit and robust strategies to gain agility and to achieve faster time to market. The rampant adoption of this evolving technology has increased the level of competition amongst the cloud hosting service providers to deliver outclass services to their users.