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Creating An Azure Migration Strategy
by Jocelyn Bell - 2021-12-21 09:04:17 in Cloud Computing

More companies are shifting their resources, and computing needs to the cloud, with Azure increasingly becoming the top choice for many because cloud computing has more benefits.


The Key Benefits Of Implementing ISO 27001
by Jocelyn Bell - 2021-11-03 06:48:55 in General Information

ISO 27001 of 2013 is one of the most popular standards for information security. The certification is now the norm for information security best practices and is one of the requirements that can help a company renew a business contract or tender a bid.


How To Make A New Business More Accessible
by Jocelyn Bell - 2021-03-26 11:41:23 in General Information

When it comes to running any kind of business, the idea of making it more accessible to attract as many clients as possible is both valid and a smart way to run a company. Not too many businesses take the time to really try and understand what their business needs, which could very well cause plenty of problems down the line that could have been avoided with a few best-practice methods.