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How To Speed Up A Slow Loading Website Or App
by Anand Srinivasan - 2020-04-08 07:52:06 in Technical Support

Everyone hates websites that load slow. Slow loading websites impact user experience and in addition to increasing customer bounce rate can also have an impact on how Google ranks your website on their search results.


In The Minimalistic Era, Do You Really Need All Those Plugins And Widgets On Your Site?
by Anand Srinivasan - 2020-04-02 09:10:33 in Technical Support

Today, seeing how telecommunication technology has developed, sometimes it seems we don’t even distinguish one screen from another.


Making Your Hosting Plan Work For You
by Anand Srinivasan - 2020-02-26 08:20:28 in General Information

Web hosting today is highly commoditized - there is little to differentiate between any two popular brands in the market. Most web hosting companies today offer a shared hosting server that comes integrated with a CPanel. Then, there is a VPS plan, a dedicated server plan, and custom hosting solutions for the Enterprise.


The Costs Of Setting Up An Online T-Shirt Store
by Anand Srinivasan - 2020-02-19 07:07:42 in e-commerce

There are anywhere between 12 million to 24 million eCommerce stores globally. A big reason for this is the sheer ease of setting up a store online as compared to launching a brick and mortar store. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars each month simply to lease the space or keep the lights on.


Does Your Organization Have A Backup Of Your Data?
by Anand Srinivasan - 2019-01-07 10:47:08 in Cloud Computing

A sizable chunk of your business worth is defined by the data you own. This could include your customer list, proprietary product docs, income data, patent applications, and so on. A recent study showed that a shocking 58% of SMBs are not prepared for data loss.


What To Look For In A Hosted Virtual Collaboration System
by Anand Srinivasan - 2016-05-11 06:50:52 in General Information

Remote working and virtual collaboration is no longer the future; it is already here. According to a recent study conducted by PGI, an overwhelming 79 percent of knowledge workers already work from home in one way or the other.


Just How Important Is Responsive Design And CDN To SEO?
by Anand Srinivasan - 2015-10-20 02:31:35 in General Information

Google’s recent algorithm changes place increasing importance on mobile-oriented content. As such, taking steps to ensure your website is built with a responsive design that will adapt to all screens - computer, tablet, and smartphone alike - is a critical part of SEO strategy. Beyond this, it’s also important to remember site speed still plays a role in overall ranking, so taking steps to improve page load speed matters, too.


How CDNs Can Give You Critical Advantage In Mobile SEO
by Anand Srinivasan - 2015-09-25 02:07:35 in General Information

In the fast-paced world of digital content, mobile devices have come to play an increasingly critical role, especially with the rise of smartphones and tablets as primary means of accessing the Internet. Mobile traffic has already overtaken the web traffic back in 2014. This means that the greater portion of Internet traffic today comes from mobile devices. Consequently, this has forced websites to address the mobile trends and to optimize their websites accordingly.


Could SaaS & IaaS Irrevocably Change The Hosting Infrastructure Of Today
by Anand Srinivasan - 2015-09-18 02:20:16 in General Information

Web hosting has come a long way in the past two decades. What was essentially considered a quintessential in-house element for corporate businesses has become extremely commoditized in the past few years. Nearly 88 percent of enterprises today use public cloud while 63 percent of them use private clouds today. With the advent of various cloud delivery models like SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, hybrid clouds, etc. hosting and content delivery have evolved quite a bit since the turn of the century.


Building A Smart Business Through Cloud-Based Enterprise Automation
by Anand Srinivasan - 2015-08-13 04:03:09 in Cloud Computing

Until recently, a small business’ entire stock of IT resources consisted of an Internet-connected computer, an email client, a spreadsheet software, and some sort of accounting application. It was as simple as it could get, especially for businesses that do not maintain a dedicated IT staff. Beyond this, the expense was seen as so astronomical that small businesses would usually wait until they grew significantly before consolidating their capital and creating a strong IT infrastructure.