Amy Armitage

Amy Armitage

Amy Armitage is the head of BusinessDevelopment for Lunarpages.Lunarpages provides quality webhosting from their US-based hosting facility.Theyoffer a wide-range of services from dedicatedservers and managed solutions to shared and resellerhosting plans.

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Advantages of Using cPanel
by Amy Armitage - 2010-01-05 08:11:16 in General Information

It has become such a common term that many people think "cPanel" is a generic name for any Web site control interface. In fact, it’s a company name and a commercial product that hosting firms buy to give customers an easy way to maintain their sites and, not incidentally, reduce the workload for their customer service representatives and technicians...


How Web Hosting Affects SEO Results
by Amy Armitage - 2009-11-19 03:12:50 in General Information

Tech pros spend a lot of time making the Web faster, easier and more efficient in ways most people don't even know about. In fact, even some fairly net-savvy folks don't know how web hosting affects SEO results. Factors of good hosting are another set of line items in your SEO, and there are some best practices to follow for optimal results. ...more

Don't Think You Need A Web Host? Top 11 Reasons You Do
by Amy Armitage - 2009-11-05 18:18:30 in Domain Names

There are so many reasons to have your own Web host, custom URL and well-crafted Web pages that it�s hard to pick the "top 11." The following, in no particular order, should be compelling enough to get you moving in the right direction. ...more

The Google Plan for Interplanetary Domination
by Amy Armitage - 2009-10-01 18:44:25 in General Information

Google, a company that some conspiracy theorists honestly believe has a plan for ultimate world domination, has a history of pulling April Fool's pranks that later end up as real products or policies. ...more

Why 24-Hour Web Hosting Support Is Critical To Your Business
by Amy Armitage - 2009-09-16 05:36:02 in Technical Support

A lot of Web hosting companies are offering unlimited disk space at cheap rates. Now, who wouldn't want that? ...more

Clustering vs. Load Balancing
by Amy Armitage - 2009-09-16 05:31:16 in Technical Support

Before you can talk about differences between clustering and load balancing, and there are more than a few, you've got to get the definitions straight. ...more

To Run Or Not To Run:
by Amy Armitage - 2009-08-27 12:32:07 in Basics

Microsoft used to be accused of angling for world domination, and not the world of operating systems or office software, the whole world, as in Earth. ...more

10 Key Reasons to Get Your Own Domain Name
by Amy Armitage - 2009-08-20 02:42:15 in General Information

There is a service you may have heard of, TinyURL, that will assign a short little URL when you want to provide a short link instead of a 46-letter one. Now, that can be handy for forwarding links to pages that are deep down in the directory, especially on Twitter or other microblogging tools that only allow a limited number of characters. But some people actually use TinyURLs for their businesses. They also use the free hosting offered by their Internet Service Providers (ISP). Good idea? ...more

Understanding Your Host's Web Stats
by Amy Armitage - 2009-08-13 00:56:38 in Basics

If you don't know what figures are the important ones among the website statistics your host provides, you're going to be fumbling around in the dark. ...more

10 Great Ways To Use Twitter To Your Business's Advantage
by Amy Armitage - 2009-07-14 00:15:09 in Basics

However, a little discretion goes a long way, as the users of "social" sites and services have demonstrated that they will stomach only so much commercialization of what they consider their personal space. ...more