Abby Hardoon

Abby Hardoon
Founder & CEO at Daily Internet

Abby Hardoon is a marketing graduate from George Washington University, Washington DC USA. He was a founder of Host Europe Plc in 1997 and continued on as CEO after it floated on UK stock market right up to its sale to PIPEX in 2004 for over £31 million. During his tenure, Host Europe launched several high-flying brands such as Webfusion, 123-reg, Magic Moments and Dedicated Servers to underpin it dominant position as a market leader of hosting services within the UK. He started web hosting company Daily Internet in 2007, a next generation hosting service provider, with his team from Host Europe. Daily Internet supplies a broad range of hosting services from simple domain registration to email services, from shared web hosting to eCommerce and virtual private server (VPS) services.

About http://www.daily.co.uk/

Daily.co.uk is a second generation UK web hosting provider, delivering VPS or virtual private servers, web hosting, domain name registration, mobile optimisation, secure email, online shop and website building services to individuals and small businesses in the UK as well as essential products such as the DailyDrive and PC Back-up Client. The people behind Daily.co.uk have in-depth expertise and experience in the hosting sector and have built some of the UK’s best known web hosting brands. The Daily.co.uk web hosting platform benefits from this vast experience and track record.

Posts by Abby Hardoon

The Engine Of The Internet - Web Hosting Explained
by Abby Hardoon - 2013-06-10 02:24:37 in General Information

These days, to say that for a business to have an online presence is ‘important’ is similar to saying that they might do well to have a telephone. The internet has not only become a profound tool for settling domestic disputes over general knowledge facts, it is also the way we evaluate and base our decisions on places we’re going to visit, people we’re going to date and also the businesses we plan to spend our money with.


Are Online Businesses Properly Locking Their Proverbial Shop Doors At Night?
by Abby Hardoon - 2013-05-17 03:21:36 in General Information

Every day, several thousand websites are blacklisted, sent to Google’s very own version of solitary confinement due to them having been compromised by malware or malicious computer code.


Master Of Your Domain - Protecting A Brand From Prefix Pretenders
by Abby Hardoon - 2013-05-09 03:24:21 in Domain Names

It could be argued that the most valuable asset of any business is its brand.  Marketing departments lose sleep creating meticulously crafted ad campaigns, pushing for prudently timed press coverage and pushing products into just the right hands at just the right (or occasionally wrong) moment in order to infiltrate the consciousness of onlookers.


Control Freak - The Real Benefits Of Controlling Your Own Business Web Hosting
by Abby Hardoon - 2013-05-02 13:33:34 in General Information

To many people, the difference between web hosts is something unseen and unconsidered - a service provided by men and machinery tucked away in a basement and one which only becomes an issue once it’s become a problem.