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Aaron Farrington
Aaron is a former IT who has turned to writing about tech, the Internet and how business and culture relates to both. He is also lover of music, comedy and craft brews.
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How to Protect Your E-Commerce Store Using the Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
by Aaron Farrington - 2015-06-05 13:13:20 in e-commerce

E-commerce has become a driving force behind the internet’s growth, with new opportunities being seized for companies and consumers alike. Business is good for companies that provide managed web hosting and hosting for e-commerce platforms, like Magento. Unfortunately, Internet crime has also been on the rise, with security hacks becoming more frequent and directed at larger and larger companies.  A security hack is a heavy blow for a company whose affluence depends on online sales and a reputation among consumers, and a bad mark on those who provide web hosting services for the victims.