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Layered Tech
Nathan Kurz does not recommend
on Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I just cancelled the dedicated server that I've had with Layered Tech for the last 5 years.  Initially they were a fine company, but over the years they have become a horror.   I should have left when the price hikes made clear to me that they did not want me as a customer. 

Whereas most hosting prices have come down, Layered Tech keeps going up and up.  I started at $50 a month, and am currently at $125 for the same server and level of service.  The final straw was when they demanded additional payment halfway through a year of prepaid service. 

With considerable effort, we talked them into keeping our contract intact until the end of the prepaid term.  Amazingly, feel that they did us a favor by allowing this.  We intended to cancel after this, but they've sunk their talons in and are demanding payment for an additional month at the new rate saying we didn't properly cancel our contract. 

In their minds, they are once again doing us a favor by not holding to an entire year of service.  In our minds, they are technically adequate but sleazy and avaricious company who should be avoided like the plague.  You'd do better swimming naked in a tank of sharks.   Steer clear and use anyone else.

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Neha Jain does recommend
on Monday, June 25, 2012

We are hosting with them from last 4 years, Awsone service, support, speed, reliable. All the best

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sara does not recommend
on Thursday, May 31, 2012

I recommend you never buy any host or domain from this place, because the access to their database always have problem and not available in most cases,
your website would load heavily, and finally when you ask for refund, they refuse to refund you, they owe me 130 USD. read my more stories here http://www.facebook.com/MochahostNever

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Phil does not recommend
on Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WestHost claims to be housed at a tier 3 facility with only 1.6 hours of unplanned events a year, but this is a lie. In the last year our site has not gone a month without being down for a half-hour or more during the daytime, sometimes for several hours on some of our busiest days. When tech support is FINALLY able to figure it out and get us back up, its never traffic related, its always some maintenance-related problem. How they can claim 99.98% uptime is suspect at best, and outright false at worst. We are moving our site as soon as we can, and I believe WestHost should have to update the information on their website to reflect the truth about their frequent and debilitating downtime. 

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Chris H. does not recommend
on Monday, May 07, 2012

Liquidweb has arrogant, rude and extremely unhelpful support staff.  I had constant downtime with my ecommerce site hosted by liquidweb, and their staff actually _taunted_ me over the phone and in their IM client support module.  No one at liquidweb that I dealt with seemed to be remotely qualified to handle  issues with constant downtime and desperately slow access to my site.  I lost a lot of business and a lot of income relying on this unprofessional and terrible company.  Liquidweb isn't just incompetent, they are aggressively belligerent to and dismissive of their customers.  Avoid these abusive people and their poorly maintained servers at all cost!

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