CloudLinux Announces Release Of Production Ready Version Of AccelerateWP

15:01:05 - 31 October 2022

First tool of its kind to help hosting providers and website owners optimize WordPress sites

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CloudLinux announced today the pre-release of the production version of AccelerateWP. This WordPress optimization suite will allow both hosting providers and website owners to improve performance of websites with faster performance, smarter operations, better security, and improved profitability.

After a successful beta period with over 1,000 participants of various server sizes, AccelerateWP analyzed more than 1.5 million websites. The speed tests show clearly how AccelerateWP gets better performance results on Apache web servers compared to alternative caching solutions.

This WordPress optimization tool solves three key problems faced by hosting providers: performance-related tickets, stagnating revenue, and barriers to customer acquisition in a highly competitive environment. AccelerateWP helps hosting clients automatically identify and fix slow WordPress sites on a server, works out of the box, and offers a secure Redis cache for all users server wide. It also features a simple-to-use admin UI, “end-user” notification and Billing API for automated upsell capabilities.

The vision for AccelerateWP is to detect and offer actionable advice for any kind of performance issue for most WordPress websites. “AccelerateWP is much more than a WordPress performance plugin,” says Dennis Kittrell, VP of Product - Hosting. “It’s first and foremost a diagnostic tool, designed to analyze any site running on CloudLinux OS to uncover the root cause of performance issues and offer prescriptive solutions for each issue. In most cases, the solution can be deployed with a single click inside the AccelerateWP interface.”

AccelerateWP is a forever-free feature included in CloudLinux OS. AccelerateWP Premium, which features an object cache feature, is still in beta. More information can be found here about AccelerateWP.

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