Leading Cybersecurity Experts Share Tips On How Enterprises Can Scale And Digitally Transform Code Faster To Protect Customers From Breaches

15:41:17 - 19 October 2022

Contrast Security, AWS and Guest Principal Analyst Devin Dickerson Share Vital Cloud-Native and Serverless Security Best Practices as Adoption Rates Increase

LOS ALTOS, Calif., Oct. 19, 2022/PRNewswire/ -- Contrast Security (Contrast), the leader in code security that empowers developers to secure-as-they code, today announced it will share tips during a webinar on how enterprises can protect their customers from data breaches. The webinar is scheduled to take place at8 a.m. PST /11 a.m. EST on Tuesday, November 1. Guests will include the following cybersecurity serverless experts, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Solutions ArchitectMark Kriaf and Contrast Director of Product MarketingBlake Connell. The webinar will also feature Forrester Principal AnalystDevin Dickerson, who covers cloud-native development including serverless technologies.

Connell, Dickerson and Kriaf will discuss how to properly deploy AWS Lambda as well as review serverless development best practices to help businesses protect vital code and customer data. Lastly, the experts will highlight the importance of a strong security partner ecosystem and what Contrast Serverless provides that is unique in the industry.  

Webinar will educate attendees on serverless technologies and why security remains critically important.

According to a Forrester report in which our guest speakerDevin Dickersoncontributed, "The serverless architecture market was valued at$7.29 billionin 2020 and is projected to reach$36.84 billionby 2028. The biggest challenge facing organizations transitioning to serverless compute are the beliefs that security is the responsibility of the cloud provider and that the surface of the threat landscape is smaller."1

"Organizations are readily adopting serverless technologies due to their inherited benefits, such as cost-savings and the ability to scale. However, security teams must manage age-old common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) and risks associated with open source libraries on top of new threats introduced in serverless environments and lack of visibility and context," said Connell. "This webinar will break down the common misconceptions of moving to a cloud-native environment as well as how digital businesses can deliver customer value quickly while ensuring their code is securely protected."

Webinar Details:

  • What: The live webinar "What's old is new again; why application security doesn't go away with serverless" will educate attendees on serverless technologies and why security remains critically important with its new development paradigm, including:
    • Key best practices and considerations for serverless development
    • The elements of security that organizations are responsible for in serverless environments
    • Unique benefits of serverless security in pre-production environments, embedded in the application
  • When: 8 a.m. PST /11a.m. EST, Tuesday, November 1
  • Register: To register for the webinar and learn about Contrast's other upcoming events, please visit: www.contrastsecurity.com/upcoming-events.   

Contrast helps organizations to secure their Serverless applications, and in particular to identify vulnerabilities in AWS Lambda functions. To find and fix security issues across cloud-native environments in just three clicks or to learn more, click here. Individual developers can also take advantage of a new ground-breaking application security tool for serverless environments by using CodeSec- Serverless.

About Contrast Security:

Contrast Security secures the code that global business relies on. It is the industry's most modern and comprehensive Code Security Platform, removing security roadblock inefficiencies and empowering enterprise developers to write and release secure application code faster. Embedding code analysis and attack prevention directly into software with instrumentation, the Contrast platform automatically detects vulnerabilities while developers write code, eliminates false positives, and provides context-specific how-to-fix guidance for easy and fast vulnerability remediation. Doing so enables application and development teams to collaborate more effectively and to innovate faster while accelerating digital transformation initiatives. This is why a growing number of the world's largest private and public sector organizations rely on Contrast to secure their applications in development and extend protection to cloud and on-premise applications in production.

1"Avoid The Security Inconsistency Pitfalls Transitioning To Serverless", Forrester, August 17, 2022

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