Self Storage Manager Rolls Out New Cloud Version To Public Storage Canada Facilities

12:12:24 - 13 September 2022

BLUE BELL, Pa. (PRWEB) - Self Storage Manager, Inc. Total Solutions Provider for the self-storage industry and developer of Self Storage Manager (SSM), today announced that Public Storage Canada (PS Canada) with 65 Public Storage branded locations across Canada has rolled out the new cloud version of Self Storage Manager (“SSM Cloud”) across most of their properties. Headquartered in Mississauga, ON PS Canada is one of the largest self-storage operators in Canada.

“Self Storage Manager has been a long-term software partner with Public Storage Canada. Since the announcement of the development of new version of SSM as a fully cloud-based solution from the ground up, PS Canada has worked diligently as part of the SSM Advisory Committee to aid in the beta testing, rollout and implementation of the software.” said Troy McLellan, President & CEO of Public Storage Canada. He further added “We saw the cloud-based software as an intuitive modern interface that was familiar and responsive. It was also a springboard for PS Canada to move business forward in various aspects including API architecture allowing web interface for rentals and payments, real time price management, and full call center integration. PS Canada assisted in piloting early editions of the software. During the development, the SSM team have been very receptive to suggestions, and timely in their communication and resolve. Poised for full rollout by years end, PS Canada is excited to take operations to levels not seen previously. Thanks to Kat Shenoy, Rohan Shenoy and the entire SSM team for providing not just a well-functioning product, but for fostering a personal relationship with everyone on the PS Canada team that makes a transition of this magnitude seamless.”

According to Kat Shenoy, Chairman and CEO of Self Storage Manager, Inc. “We always consider every business relationship we enter in to as a long term partnership. PS Canada, who switched from their legacy software to an earlier web based version of SSM in 2010 has been a big supporter of SSM for the past 12 years. We are very thankful to Troy McLellan and his entire top management team of PS Canada for their commitment to the partnership and their active participation in the SSM Advisory Committee. Based on the valuable feedback and suggestions provided by the PS Canada team and other members of the SSM Advisory Committee, we have incorporated several new features in to SSM Cloud, which we believe will be extremely useful to other large self-storage operators and REITs. Instead of piloting the new Cloud version for a single facility operator, we took the approach of piloting it at several sites of PS Canada and a large REIT SmartStop Self Storage before rolling out to all locations for both the operators. While this approach has delayed the release of the new Cloud version, it really helped us to stabilize the new version and ensure it is fully functional and scalable for large operators and REITs, in addition to meeting the local tax and lien requirements for all states in USA and all provinces in Canada. We plan to do the general release of SSM Cloud by end of 2022, once we complete the roll out to all properties of Public Storage Canada and SmartStop Self Storage.”

“We appreciate PS Canada being the first client to implement SSM Cloud for their properties, and for providing valuable feedback during the development and testing phases.” said Rohan Shenoy, President of Self Storage Manager Inc., and further commented “SSM Cloud is designed using the latest development technologies, and makes use of the latest cloud hosting resources to offer a secure, scalable, responsive, and user-friendly cloud-based solution for store users, call center users, and corporate employees alike. As lead-to-lease conversion metrics continue to evolve within the self-storage industry, SSM Cloud is tailored to enhance the capturing of the data points required for such metrics, through capabilities such as phone system integrations, ad-source tracking, automated marketing outreach, two-way text messaging, and so much more. The application is designed with a REST API backend, which allows for extended API capabilities so that self storage operators will have a wider choice of third party vendors to integrate with, such as Revenue Management, Call Centers, Kiosks, Websites, Insurance, Lead Aggregators, Online Auctions, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Reputation Management, and much more. I value the personal relationship we have developed with all members of the PS Canada team and look forward to a continued partnership with PS Canada for many more years to come.”

About Public Storage Canada

Founded in 1979 by Wayne Hughes and Ken Volk, Public Storage Canada has grown to become one of the largest self-storage operators with 65 locations spread across Canada and plans on adding more locations to their portfolio. The property management team at all Public Storage Canada facilities are highly trained to assist their customers by providing custom tailored storage solutions for any length of time and at a price that works for their budget. Additionally, most of their locations are concentrated in some of Canada’s most vibrant and populous cities and strategically located within quick driving distance from major highways and transportation hubs to provide maximum convenience and accessibility to their customers. Visit: http://www.publicstoragecanada.com for more information.

About Self Storage Manager, Inc. (SSM)

Self Storage Manager, Inc. offers a complete suite of products and services that include Self Storage Manager TM - Comprehensive management software for single and multi-facility operators; Online Reservations and Rentals with Electronic Signature & Digital Storage of leases; e-CRM - Fully Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, designed specifically for the self-storage industry and multi-facility operators for creating inquiries, reservations, rentals, capture lead to rental conversion ratios, with interfaces to leading phone systems; Call Tracker module to monitor call recordings, capture valuable statistics including lead to rental conversion `ratios, cost per lead, capture cost per lead, cost per rental & measure ROI on advertising campaigns; SSM Text Messenger - A cloud based automatic payment reminder and past due alerts system designed to reduce the manager's time on collection calls; Customer Portal - A self-help interactive portal for customers to view their account history and balance, make payments, enable or disable autopay, schedule move-outs, update their contact information and more; Android Tablet/Mobile Phone based Site Walk Through & Work Order Management Module for site managers to perform lock checks, enter unit maintenance notes, mark units for move outs, create work orders for maintenance activities and much more; Other Interfaces - Business Intelligence and Analytics, API integration to leading website providers, call center service providers, revenue management service providers, tenant insurance companies, online auctions, cloud based gate systems and lead aggregators; 24/7 Customer Support - with Dedicated Team and Project Manager assigned for large operator implementations, as well as periodic upgrades to the software programs.

Self Storage Manager has been implemented by many single and multi-facility companies in North America, South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. For more information, please contact Self Storage Manager, Inc. at 800-469-1740 Ext. 1, or by visiting http://www.selfstoragemanager.com or email us at sales@selfstoragemanager.com.


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