CloudZero Launches Budgets Feature To Improve Cost Predictability And Eliminate Surprises

09:51:58 - 26 January 2022

CloudZero customers can now track spend against any custom grouping of cost -- including products, customers, and development teams

BOSTON,Jan. 26, 2022/PRNewswire/ -- CloudZero, the leading provider of cloud cost intelligence, today announced CloudZero Budgets, a new feature enabling organizations to innovate quickly while controlling their cloud spend. This functionality provides real-time visibility into the cost of different business units (e.g., product features, development teams, customers, geographic zones) and tracks cost against budgetary forecasts. This adds to CloudZero's existing capabilities, which provide all stakeholders with relevant cloud cost intelligence to make better decisions about building, operating, and packaging cloud-based products to improve unit economics.

"At most cloud-driven organizations, engineering builds products, finance gets the bill, then they both have to figure out what they're spending and why. That's especially challenging because cost data is not written in the business language that finance understands," saidPhil Pergola, CEO of CloudZero. "CloudZero Budgets gives everyone continuous, granular visibility into exactly where their cloud spend stands. Rather than tracking budgets for cloud services, we're showing them how much a single feature costs, which gives every team a shared language and understanding."

CloudZero Budgets builds on top of Dimensions, CloudZero's proprietary code-driven cost allocation method. With Dimensions, customers can organize spend according to business-specific metrics, then set a budget for any custom grouping. This gives teams unlimited budgetary flexibility. Additionally, engineering teams will receive regular Slack updates about how they're performing against their budget, as well as cost anomaly alerts to let them know about unusual spikes and trends.

"One of our philosophies is: Act like the owner. You build it, you run it," saidStuart Davidson, tribe engineering lead for Skyscanner's production platform. "Our engineers therefore feel a sense of ownership over the infrastructure they build. So, allowing engineers to use cost metrics as a catalyst for meaningful changes made a lot of sense. We're looking forward to this additional layer of context and visibility, so we can further drive accountability."

CloudZero Budgets is currently available for select customers and will be generally available in February 2022. For more information, visit cloudzero.com.

About CloudZero
CloudZero is the cloud cost intelligence platform that puts spend into the context of your business. By aligning engineering, infrastructure, and finance teams around metrics like cost per product feature, customer, and development team, CloudZero enables better strategic decisions, improved unit economics, and efficient spending. Trusted by top cloud-driven companies like Rapid7, TripAdvisor, and Malwarebytes, CloudZero works with organizations of all sizes to take the next steps toward cloud cost maturity. Visit cloudzero.com to get started today.

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