ASEOHosting Principal: How Marketers Can Prevent Burnout Working From Home

08:25:49 - 22 July 2020

Burnout is hitting marketing professionals especially hard amidst the pandemic.

HUDSON, Fla. (PRWEB)July 22, 2020 - Daniel Page, Director of Business Development at SEO-focused web host ASEOHosting (https://www.aseohosting.com/), announced how marketing professionals can cope with pandemic burnout and what their employees can do to help.

In a recent survey by social app developer Fishbowl, 69 percent of respondents said that they felt burnt out as a result of working from home. That number was even higher amongst advertising and marketing professionals, with 73 percent reporting burnout. The only industry that was higher was tech, at 74 percent.

"It's clear that professionals in the marketing space have been hit especially hard by the isolation and stress of COVID-19," said Page. "This, to me, is not a surprise. Marketing is a highly social and collaborative profession, one which in my experience tends to attract extroverts."

"Because extroverts tend to recharge themselves through face-to-face interaction, the isolation created by the coronavirus has been especially difficult for many of them to cope with," he said. "This is in addition to the fact that the number of people in marketing who suffer from illnesses such as anxiety and depression tends to be inordinately high."

Page's first recommendation is for employers to be aware that their staff may be struggling and institute measures to aid and support them. These include:

  • Providing access to therapy.
  • Hosting regular touch-bases through platforms such as Zoom.
  • Promoting a judgment-free culture where mental health is concerned.
  • Work mental health - awareness into ongoing or upcoming campaigns.

Page also advises that marketers, where possible, take a proactive role in their own health.

"One tendency I see very frequently amongst marketers is that they hyperfocus on their work, even to the point where it starts to affect their health," says Page. "It's important that they learn to recognize this. That they train themselves to recognize the signs and symptoms of burnout and take time off to practice self-care."

"Particularly amidst the stress and uncertainty of current events, burnout can be extremely dangerous," Page said. "Any professional who feels drained, exhausted, or unusually irritable should, as a rule, step back to recharge."

"These are difficult times for everyone," says Page. "The most important thing to remember is that no one needs to suffer alone right now. We're all in this together, and marketing firms are uniquely positioned to drive that fact home."

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