Web Hosting Provider SAVVIS Extends Anti-spam Leadership

00:00:00 - 10 September 2004

September 10, 2004 - (HostReview.com) - SAVVIS Communications announced today that its strong anti-spam policies will apply to all operations acquired through its March 2004 purchase of the assets of Cable & Wireless America (CWA).

SAVVIS is rated as the #2 market share leader in Web hosting by industry analyst IDC and the #1 provider of network-based IP VPNs by analyst In-Stat/MDR. Its Internet backbone services approximately 30% of the world's Internet routes. With over 6,000 enterprise clients, SAVVIS is a leader in delivering IT services to businesses.

"Spamhaus has long recognized SAVVIS as a ‘White Hat Network' with exemplary policies and procedures to control the proliferation of spam," said Steve Linford, CEO and Founder of the Spamhaus Project. "We are pleased to work with SAVVIS to fight against spam and encourage others in the industry to adopt their leadership model."

SAVVIS, long recognized for having one of the most stringent Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) regarding spam in the industry, has been integrating the assets it acquired from CWA in March 2004.

The ROKSO database collates information and evidence on known spam operations that have had their services terminated by a minimum of three consecutive Internet Service Providers for serious spam offenses.

According to Spamhaus, 90% of spam received by Internet users in North America and Europe can be traced to a group of approximately 200 known spam operations, almost all of which are listed in the ROKSO database.

These spam operations consist of an estimated 500-600 professional spammers loosely grouped into gangs ("spam gangs"), many or most of whom are operating illegally and move from network to network, seeking out Internet Service Providers ("ISPs") known for lax enforcement of anti-spam policies.

"SAVVIS has always been, and will always be, anti-spam," said Rob McCormick, Chairman and CEO of SAVVIS. "Extending our anti-spam policies and procedures to our recently acquired assets is an important part of the CWA integration process. Our relationship with Spamhaus, builder of the world's most respected spam blocklist, will allow us to continue leading the industry fight against spam."


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