New LogDNA Features Emphasize Speed And Scalability For Users

17:42:21 - 25 March 2020

Product Enhancements Position LogDNA as the Log Management Tool of Choice for Digital Disruptors

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., March 25, 2020/PRNewswire/ -- LogDNA, a leader in multi-cloud log management solutions, announced today significant performance and usability updates that enable developers to more easily query, filter and gain insight from their log data. The new features help developers identify and resolve issues to reduce downtime and quickly fix performance issues.

"The complexity of developing, deploying and scaling applications is exponentially more complicated today than even just a few months ago, and the amount of data even small teams deal with on a daily basis is becoming untenable," saidPeter Cho, Vice President of Product Management at LogDNA. "We are constantly evolving LogDNA to empower developers to tame the chaos generated by ever-increasing data volumes and quickly surface the insights hidden in their logs."

Speed and Scalability for Log Management
LogDNA supports today's complex development processes and operation environments and is the log management solution of choice by many of the world's leading enterprises. Innovative LogDNA features such as LiveTail, multi-channel alerting and natural language queries have been designed to make logging easy and applicable to a variety of use cases.

New features include:

  • Agent v2: Leverages the Linux kernel to monitor log files and directories for changes, freeing up CPU utilization, improving stability and accuracy, and removing duplicate lines with symbolic linked log files.
  • Hourly Archiving: Receive archived logs faster and unzip just a portion of your logs instead of an entire day's worth. The new hourly archiving format additionally enables easier data analysis with new Hive partition folder formats.
  • Extract and Aggregate Fields: Allows users to extract, aggregate and export fields from log lines that have already been indexed. Unlike the custom log parser, the extract and aggregate feature allows users to parse out additional fields ad-hoc from historical logs without having to re-ingest them, creating the ability to preview the extracted fields before making bigger changes with custom parsing.
  • Custom Webhooks: Alert integration which enables customers to easily integrate LogDNA alerts with additional 3rd-party services of their choice, such as JIRA or Microsoft Teams. Using custom webhooks, users can automatically trigger a task in their ticketing system or automatically send a message on a chat platform.

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