FileMasker Data-Masking Software For Serverless Cloud Environments

07:56:55 - 29 November 2019

DataVeil Technologies announces the release of FileMasker data-masking software for ultra high-performance in serverless cloud compute environments and on local computer systems.

MELBOURNE, Australia (PRWEB)November 29, 2019 - DataVeil Technologies (https://www.dataveil.com/) recently released its FileMasker data-masking software. FileMasker replaces sensitive data in JSON and text-delimited files, such as CSV, with fictitious and realistic data so that the processed files no longer contain sensitive data and can therefore be used in non-secure environments, such as for testing or analytics, without security or privacy concerns.

FileMasker provides users with an intuitive GUI to author data-masking projects. The masking projects can be previewed and executed directly from the GUI and from a command-line interface making it suitable for automation.

Especially interesting is that FileMasker can be run as an ultra high-performance serverless data masking resource in the form of an AWS Lambda. In such a configuration FileMasker can mask many terabytes per hour. This translates to billions of records per day. A free perpetual Community license even allows for unlimited free masking using some masks, such as redaction, while a full license with access to the complete suite of smart masks is available for a modest annual flat fee to mask unlimited data (https://www.dataveil.com/filemasker-software-pricing/).

“Our company’s focus and strategic direction has been on data masking solutions since 2010,” said CEO Terry Swiatkiwsky. “We’ve been known for our flagship DataVeil data masking software for SQL databases particularly for its remarkable ease-of-use, built-in intelligence that relieves the user from many manual tasks and its fast masking performance. We have now leveraged those data masking technologies to deliver FileMasker for masking files.”

A very useful product of this leveraged technology is that the masked values produced by FileMasker will match the masked values produced by DataVeil SQL thereby effortlessly enabling synchronization between masked SQL databases and masked files.

FileMasker Features

FileMasker provides a deterministic masking mode to ensure that distinct original values are masked consistently within the same file and across multiple files, even if masking is executed on separate occasions. Other specific features include:

  • AWS Lambda: Using FileMasker as an AWS Lambda function effortlessly provides a scalable ultra high-performance data masking pipeline for ingestion into data lakes.
  • Command Line Interface: FileMasker can be run from other software for scheduled and automated execution.
  • Preview mode: Preview before and after masked values, side-by-side, without overwriting data.
  • Sophisticated and Format-Preserving Masks: Flexible, in-built masks with easily understood options. Masks preserve format of original values thereby capturing original data nuance.
  • Partial Field Masking: Preserve partial content of original values, like prefixes, thereby capturing the statistical properties of original data.
  • Very easy to install and use.
  • Simple Licensing: Annual flat rate subscription licensing.
  • Very Low Cost: Flat rate cost, or even free, for unlimited masking provides unmatched ROI.

FileMasker Uses

FileMasker has a wide range of application – anywhere that the use of an accurate and representative non-sensitive version of the original sensitive data would be useful, such as Data Analysis, Testing, Outsourcing, Development, Training and Support.

About DataVeil Technologies

Established in 2002 and headquartered in Australia, DataVeil Technologies is a software and related services company that specializes in data masking software and support. As the developer of the DataVeil and FileMasker data-masking software solutions used in over 70 countries, DataVeil Technologies continually improves and refines its offerings to meet the evolving needs of data privacy and security laws, while providing its discerning customers with the first-class products and support they have come to expect. Learn more at: https://www.DataVeil.com/.


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