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Disaster Recovery Service Provider, Comport, Shares 3 Reasons Why You Should Archive To The Cloud
12:21:37 - 10 December 2018


RAMSEY, N.J., Dec. 7, 2018/PRNewswire/ -- As part of their commitment to helping businesses manage their data as effectively as possible, disaster recovery service provider, Comport, shares 3 reasons why you should archive to the cloud.

Figuring out the best way to handle data storage is a consideration that should be at the forefront of any company's mind. Keeping files secure and easily accessible is important, and one of the best ways to do that is with an archive in the cloud.

Listed below are just a few of the reasons why businesses should consider backing their data up to the cloud.

Security and Compliance. One of the primary reasons that data should be backed up to the cloud is that it keeps the company protected.

Many companies have their data stored in on-site servers. There's nothing inherently wrong with having physical storage within the company itself, but having those servers be the only copy of important files carries incredible risk. Backing data up to the cloud gives the business a clear path to recovery in the event of a hack or other disaster that leaves their infrastructure compromised.

Dedicated disaster recovery service providers also adhere to data management practices that make it easier for companies to remain compliant with industry and legal standards. Simply put, archives to the cloud provide businesses of any size with important redundancy and protection.

Scalable, But Still Manageable. One major issue with physical, on-site storage is that server capacity is limited. Expanding servers can be expensive, pull an IT team away from other important tasks, and can take a significant amount of time. Cloud storage is flexible and can change to suit the needs of the business, growing dynamically whenever increased capacity is needed.

A quality cloud backup provider supplies storage that is not only scalable, but that is also easy to utilize and adjust as needed. For any business that needs a way to handle data that can quickly and simply adjust to varying requirements, archives in the cloud are the clear solution.

Available Data - Anytime, Anywhere. Companies that rely on their data in order to do business need a storage solution that is both secure and easy to access. Since cloud storage isn't tied to a specific server or computer at the business itself, it's incredibly easy for employees to access files at any time, from wherever they happen to be.

This flexibility is essential for any modern business, as it allows members of the team to access data around the clock and on the go, while also opening the door for work-at-home opportunities.


An award-winning trusted IT partner in business since 1982, Comport helps our customers achieve efficiencies needed to succeed in today's digital world. Our customers include leading enterprises in Hospitals and Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Media, Retail, Law Firms and Universities. Comport has established our cloud brand, ComportSecure to help customers deal with new and emerging trends. ComportSecure DRaaS Solutions specializes in Cloud and Managed Services, Advanced IT Datacenters, Mobility Security and Networking.

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