Imunify360’s Artificial Intelligence Secures Linux Web Servers At No Cost For Nonprofits

11:35:40 - 07 June 2017

Imunify360 security solution now offers protection against attacks for several Linux distributions free for nonprofit organizations.

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB)June 07, 2017 - Leading OS developer CloudLinux announced today that it offers its Imunify360 at no cost to nonprofit organizations. Imunify360, the all-in-one, automated security product powered by herd immunity and artificial intelligence protects Linux web servers from digital attacks. It works on CentOS, Red Hat, and CloudLinux OS 6 and 7. It currently works with cPanel and Plesk control panels but other panels, and no-panel support is coming soon.

Usually, nonprofit organizations have limited IT resources and are not always able to keep their web servers safe. Imunify360 protects their Linux web servers against malicious attacks, various infections and specific threats, including distributed brute force attacks, the most common threat to web servers.

“Most of the security products available today were designed for the enterprise to be able to work in complex environments, which requires a lot of hand-holding from IT experts, and as a result, is expensive and time-consuming,” said Igor Seletskiy, chief executive officer at CloudLinux. “We created Imunify360 specifically for the purpose of automating the security for web-facing deployments.”

Imunify360’s hands-off automated security combines a signature-based approach with a powerful new machine learning technology to process all insights collected from servers all over the world. It constantly analyzes results to maximize effectiveness. Imunify360’s six-layer approach includes sophisticated self-learning firewall, malware scanning, reputation management, and other advanced features to provide total protection against threats. It includes smart intrusion detection and protection systems (IDS/IPS), intelligent sandboxing that is coming soon, and an easy-to-use centralized dashboard.

To request a complimentary unlimited license, nonprofit organizations and charities should submit the request with their registration number from an appropriate state agency to nonprofit(at)imunify360(dot)com.

To learn more about Imunify360, visithttp://imunify360.com.

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