Docker Launches Universal Control Plane To Deploy And Manage Containerized Applications In Production

06:18:47 - 17 November 2015

First on-premises solution to provide comprehensive operational control without compromising developer agility and portability

BARCELONA, Spain--(BUSINESS WIRE)--(DockerCon EU 2015)Docker, the company behind the open platform to build, ship and run distributed applications, today unveiled Docker Universal Control Plane 1.0, an on-premises solution for deploying and managing Dockerized distributed applications in production on any infrastructure. With more than 40 percent of organizations using Docker to deploy distributed applications in production, organizations need a solution that can provide operational control without limiting developer productivity.

With Docker Universal Control Plane, operations has the centralized controls required to provision the compute, network and storage resources to run Dockerized applications on any infrastructure, while providing developer teams agile self-service capabilities to deploy and manage applications. Although Docker Universal Control Plane is designed to be deployed as an on-premises solution, it can manage the simultaneous deployment of Dockerized applications on Docker hosts across multiple supported platforms, including bare metal, virtualized, private or public cloud.

“To manage applications in production today, IT operations is typically forced to build its own management stack using open source components or deploy proprietary software bundled from major infrastructure providers that will result in lock-in and loss of control,” said Solomon Hykes, CTO and Chief Architect of Docker. “With Docker Universal Control Plane, organizations have a solution designed to put IT operations in control of their own infrastructure. And, Universal Control Plane saves enterprises from sacrificing developer agility and application portability in their efforts to have the requisite operational controls to run production applications.”

Containers as a Service

Docker Universal Control Plane integrates seamlessly with Docker Trusted Registry to create the only on-premises, end-to-end commercial offering that delivers Containers as a Service (CaaS). CaaS is a framework in which operations delivers secure and manageable content through a self-service portal on programmable infrastructure to developers. The result is a continuous application delivery pipeline that is shared between developers and operations where agility and control are both foundational capabilities. This end-to-end approach on-premises is complemented by the combination of Docker Hub and Tutum, which Docker acquired in October this year, which are integrated to deliver CaaS as a cloud service.

Docker Universal Control Plane across Public, Private or Hybrid Clouds

Docker Universal Control Plane provides IT operations the ability to retain centralized control of infrastructure provisioning, user management and compliance even when their applications run across heterogeneous infrastructures. Docker Universal Control Plane has a uniform provisioning workflow to create and allocate resources for compute, network, and storage in multiple public cloud providers, hybrid clouds or fully private data center environments. The end state is that IT operations has complete leverage to decide what is the best infrastructure for a given application or class of applications while developers can deploy and manage their applications without requiring any knowledge about the underlying infrastructure. Universal Control Plane capabilities include:

  • Provisioning of compute, network, and storage on any infrastructure, with integration of enterprise security and monitoring
  • Support for any:
    • application: stateful and stateless, legacy and next-generation, for any programming language
    • bare-metal server, VM or cloud instance
    • Linux distribution and Windows Server and Solaris
    • stage of the application lifecycle, from dev to test to QA to staging to production

IT Operational Control that Empowers Developer Self Service

Docker Universal Control Plane is the only operations solution that provides developers self-service capabilities to access the content needed to build and deploy distributed applications. This capability is made possible by integrating with Docker Trusted Registry to ensure that developers only have access to a library of secure, curated container content and are provided the opportunity to choose from a pool of infrastructure resources for deployment. Universal Control Plane is fully compatible with Docker Toolbox and the Docker APIs so that developers don’t have to learn new tooling to align with the operational controls that have been put in place.

Enterprise-grade Management

Universal Control Plane is not only designed to integrate with any infrastructure, it is meant to be tightly coupled with pre-existing enterprise services. For instance, in concert with Docker Trusted Registry, it integrates seamlessly with an organization’s directory services, e.g. LDAP or Active Directory. This allows IT operations to immediately tie in the Docker-based lifecycle into their access control policies while minimizing layers of complexity for developers as they access their application content. Moreover, through role-based access control (RBAC), different organizations within the development lifecycle are only exposed to the specific capabilities they need to serve their role within the lifecycle. For instance, IT operations has dashboards to monitor container performance, whereas a specific development team’s role might dictate that they only have visibility into and access to content in their designated repos.

100% Docker Native for Seamless Integration with Entire Docker Ecosystem

Finally, the product is built on top of and integrates an array of Docker-native solutions including Docker Engine, Docker Swarm, and Docker Trusted Registry. This integration ensures that developers can continue to produce their Dockerized applications through their existing workflows without having to modify code as applications are promoted into production. In addition, all these solutions support open APIs that are leveraged by hundreds of other technology companies and tens of thousands of organizations. Docker’s APIs are guaranteed to be open and Docker provides support to validate integrations with the Docker API.

Packaging and Availability

Docker Universal Control Plane is available as a public beta; those who are interested in participating in the program can register. Docker Universal Control Plane will be offered as a subscription solution bundled with Docker Trusted Registry and official commercial support for Docker environments. Official Docker support, free from any infrastructure lock-in, is only available through Docker, IBM, and Docker resellers offering official Docker support.

Learn More:

  • Docker Blog
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  • Visit the product website
  • Register for the beta
  • Attend a Docker Universal Control Plane webinar on Dec 1st at 10am PT

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