INetU Achieves Highest Third-Party Customer Satisfaction Rating In Managed Cloud Hosting Industry For Fifth Consecutive Year

06:59:45 - 24 July 2015

Company’s Customer-Centric Approach Sets Industry Benchmark for Customer Success and Satisfaction

ALLENTOWN, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--INetU, the customer-centric cloud company, today announced that it has achieved the highest third-party certified Net Promoter Score (NPS®) in the managed cloud hosting industry for the fifth year in a row. 95 percent of customers responded that they are very or extremely likely to recommend INetU to a friend or colleague, equating to a 74 NPS.

“Right from the proposal stage when we were considering multiple managed hosting providers, INetU set itself apart from the others with its support and individualized service”

The results of the 2015 survey highlight the fact that customers continue to trust INetU with their business critical applications as they reap the benefits of the company’s customer-centric approach. The proven approach combines consultative design and worry-free onboarding with proactive support and continuous business planning.

“Right from the proposal stage when we were considering multiple managed hosting providers, INetU set itself apart from the others with its support and individualized service,” said Ray Cote, president of Appropriate Solutions. “Since signing on with INetU more than five years ago, the company has not only provided the 24/7 monitoring of our hosting environment that enables us to focus on running our business, but has also gone above and beyond on multiple occasions to help us solve issues that have come up outside of any of their responsibility. Their focus on our success is why we rely on them to host and manage our critical cloud infrastructure.”

Each year, INetU works through Direct Opinions, a certified Net Promoter Loyalty Partner, to engage customers in an annual survey as part of its commitment to customer satisfaction. In 2015, INetU has achieved a 74 NPS, a two-point increase over 2014. For context, leading companies that are known for customer service include Netflix at 54 and Apple iPhone at 67.

In the spirit of transparency, INetU will make a bold move by releasing the complete results of the survey, making it available to its customers and the public for the first time ever. This year, nearly 100 percent of INetU customers said they are satisfied or extremely satisfied with their service. Additionally, 90 percent said they would be more than likely to repurchase and add additional projects from the company. Both of these positive results are in line with previous years.

INetU has been leveraging the survey data captured each of the past five years as more than just a way to score satisfaction. They continue to learn from the findings to improve their service levels in supporting their customers. As a testament to how INetU continues to evolve based on these learnings, during the past five years, the company has seen existing customers expand their monthly spend with INetU by more than 70 percent.

“While some businesses may not require a hands-on provider, many organizations need a business partner that works closely with them to plan the right architectural designs to meet their business needs and provide around-the-clock white glove support from the start,” explained Dev Chanchani, CEO, INetU. “At INetU, we pride ourselves on supporting organizations that rely on managed cloud hosting for their business-critical applications and need a partner that has expertise in security, compliance, and disaster recovery solutions. For five years, we have used the NPS survey as a tool to learn from and find ways to continuously improve our customer-centric approach to support our clients’ success.”

About INetU
INetU, the customer-centric cloud company, combines state of the art managed cloud and hosting solutions with the industry’s premier service and support. Industry leading companies have chosen INetU for their reliable, flexible, secure, and compliant hosting services to safely accelerate their business growth while reducing their investment in managing their own IT infrastructure. The company’s global data centers, award winning hosting, technical expertise and unique approach to managed services and support have earned the company the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry. Visit www.INetU.net for more information.


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