SingleHop Updates Dedicated Web Hosting Line

03:13:06 - 30 October 2013

Leading global provider of hosted IT infrastructure updated its offerings to feature new CPUs, more RAM and larger hard drives.

Chicago – SingleHop, a global leader in highly automated bare metal and cloud infrastructure, today announced a substantial upgrade to its stable of bare metal dedicated servers. By updating the dedicated server lineup, the company hopes to help customers get better performance by taking advantage of the latest and greatest hardware available.

The new server line is a significant shift forward and presents the option for a higher level of performance and scalability to SingleHop’s clients. As part of this new change, customers will always have access to the latest server hardware in an easy to use and understand pricing structure. Within these models, Intel’s versioning concept has been put into play. To put it simply, versioning gives customers access to bleeding edge hardware as well as more economical options, while keeping hardware complexity low. This makes it easier for customers to find the latest hardware, and also highlights older versions that offer a better value for customers who may opt for more included RAM and storage space included at no extra charge.

“This product line makeover marks a really big day for SingleHop as we now give customers access to not only a simplified pricing structure, but more importantly continued access to the latest and greatest processors from Intel.” said Jordan Jacobs, SingleHop’s Vice President of Products.

SingleHop has always been primarily concerned with providing superior customer service, which is one of the reasons this upgrade has been initiated. The company prides itself on treating each customer as an individual with unique needs that should be respected.

“These 16 different server configurations all add up to create a well-rounded server portfolio,” said Dan Ushman, SingleHop Co-founder and CMO. “By streamlining our servers we can ensure that customers receive the best performance for their needs and by elimination the complexity and confusion involved in having a lot of server models, our customers can receive superior, focused service.”

To learn more about IaaS solutions and the new server line-up offered by SingleHop, visit http://www.singlehop.com.

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SingleHop is a dedicated server and cloud hosting company that offers highly scalable, automated, on-demand infrastructure services to both end-users and resellers. With clients in 114 countries, three geographically dispersed U.S.-based data centers and a new facility in Amsterdam; SingleHop provides dedicated, cloud, and managed services to more than 4,000 customers with 10,000+ servers online. SingleHop delivers state-of-the-art resources and services with industry-leading deployment time and custom support. SingleHop was established in 2006 in Chicago and was named #25 on the Inc. 500 list for the fastest growing companies in America in 2011.


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