Colocation America Meets The Debut Of The Affordable Care Act (ACA) With Full HIPAA Compliance

11:10:56 - 15 October 2013

HIPAA Omnibus Rule Takes Effect, Extending New Compliance Standards to Data Centers

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 15, 2013 - Colocation America (colocationamerica.com), a leading provider of colocation and dedicated servers, announces its preparedness and full compliance to the new guidelines issued under the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Omnibus Rule. This requirement, which coincided with the October 1st debut of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), was implemented by Colocation America well before the September 23rd HIPAA guidelines took effect.

These rules, in comparison to previous guidelines restricted to those who directly handled confidential patient data or protected health information (PHI), now apply to HIPAA compliant data centers and secure hosting providers that enter into an official business associate agreement (“BAA”) with other entities. In anticipation of these changes, and given Colocation America’s already existing compliance with HIPAA – as well as its work with clients in the health care industry – this transition was well-planned and successfully completed.

As a highly reputable hosting provider Colocation America takes PHI seriously, since this information is strictly confidential and deserves maximum protection. Colocation America understands the needs of medical practitioners, individual patients, hospital administrators, health care organizations and other groups that seek to prevent any security breach. To that end, Colocation America’s data center also has an abundance of physical protection, such as: CCTV surveillance cameras and security checkpoints further strengthened by security guards who patrol this space around-the-clock, giving health care companies the additional safeguards they deserve.

To further clarify the intricacies of these changes to HIPAA, Colocation America has a detailed section, separated and highlighted by subcategories, explaining the Omnibus rules, privacy rights and the most common myths (which the page lists and debunks) surrounding this legislation. Readers can view all of these facts at: http://www.colocationamerica.com/blog/hipaa-omnibus-rule-takes-effect-now-what.htm.

“As other technology companies scramble to comply with these changes to HIPAA, and despite the grace period available to these businesses, Colocation America was well ahead of the competition in preparing for this event. Along with coinciding with the introduction of PPACA, which will have an integral relationship to anything concerning HIPAA, we are in the right position to help clients deal with these issues,” says Albert Ahdoot, Director of Business Development for Colocation America. “With these benefits – and the 100% guaranteed uptime that is a hallmark of our service – Colocation America is the solution for businesses navigating the complexities of HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act.”

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