Citrix Adds Do-It-Yourself Webcasting To Video Lineup

05:04:39 - 22 April 2013

From small-group presentations to stadium-filled sales seminars, Citrix connects people with full range of video-enabled collaboration tools.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Citrix announced today the general availability of GoToWebcast in North America and Europe, providing users with a low-cost, self-service webcasting tool for up to 5,000 attendees. With the launch of GoToWebcast, Citrix delivers a simple-to-use, self-service webcasting solution to help organizations of any size save money and extend their communications globally. A subscription-based webcasting tool, GoToWebcast allows users to broadcast unlimited audio and video presentations to live and on-demand audiences of up to 5,000 viewers, including mobile devices. GoToWebcast provides a feature-rich, scalable, solution for hosting town hall meetings, financial briefings or multimedia entertainment events. Attendees can view webcasts from a computer or mobile device, giving speakers the flexibility to reach audiences irrespective of time or location. To watch this news via GoToWebcast on-demand video release click here.

“The very best presenters make audience members feel like they are talking directly to them. With the new video capabilities in GoToWebcast this powerful, personal connection will be amplified. I can't wait to use it for my webinars, live events and training sessions!”

The company also released a beta version of GoToWebinar with HDFaces supporting their 500- and 1,000-attendee plans. Building on the recently announced availability of HDFaces for up to 100 participants in GoToWebinar and GoToTraining sessions, Citrix now provides the most comprehensive and scalable portfolio of high-definition video collaboration for meetings, training sessions, presentations and events. HDFaces for GoToWebinar and GoToTraining delivers the same high-definition video capabilities already found in GoToMeeting. Thus, the entire Citrix portfolio of high-quality, video-enabled, collaboration tools creates a richer, more personalized experience to online attendees by bringing face-to-face video to their small, intimate team meetings, group training sessions and larger web-based events.

“Audiences are becoming increasingly dispersed as a result of mobile workstyles. It’s becoming ever more important for organizations to find new and engaging ways to connect with a geographically distributed audiences,” said Bernardo de Albergaria, VP and GM of SaaS Products & Markets for Citrix. “Video is proven to make meetings more productive and attendees more involved and attentive. The launch of GoToWebcast and addition of HDFaces to GoToWebinar and GoToTraining, alongside our award-winning GoToMeeting tool, gives users the widest range of options for connecting with a mass audience including customers, partners, employees and extended team members.”

The power of Meeting (in HD) Is Believing

"The very best presenters make audience members feel like they are talking directly to them. With the new video capabilities in GoToWebcast this powerful, personal connection will be amplified. I can't wait to use it for my webinars, live events and training sessions!" -Pamela Slim, author, business coach and speaker.

“HDFaces for a webinar is a game changer. In our business, developing trust with clients is crucial,” said Lee Rosen, family law attorney with Rosen Law Firm and GoToWebinar user. “Now we can not only showcase our talents and business skills through our webinars, but get to know our clients personally. What could be more powerful than adding a face? I'm certain that we'll see an increase in conversions, retention, and engagement.”

“As a global survey company based in Ottawa, ON, we sell to customers in 50 different countries around the world. Organizations we serve vary in size, making the tools we use to connect with our customers extremely important,” explained said Aydin Mirzaee, co-CEO and co-Founder, FluidSurveys. “GoToWebinar offers an end-to-end solution that makes the experience easy for the user and attendees. We’ve started to use the GoToWebinar HDFaces video feature for our weekly webinars with customers and it’s a key element to the webinars we run. When customers see the webinar host live and engaged, it delivers a much more impactful experience.”

“We continue to see real-time video deepening its value-add as a feature of web-centric collaboration services, and Citrix’s approach to introducing high-quality HD video to its set of event and training services offers across-the-board versatility and value to customers,” said Alan D. Greenberg, senior analyst and partner, Wainhouse Research. “GoToWebcast expands on the strength of the entire set of purpose-built GoTo offerings. And friendly services that support an ever-dispersed work environment – one that includes many disparate mobile and fixed devices – are what enterprises are seeking in their online event and training applications.”

GoToWebcast Benefits

  • Easy DIY setup. GoToWebcast launches with a simple 5-step webcast wizard that walks users through their event setup. Users can choose to: broadcast in audio or video, upload presentation documents, share streaming audio or video clips during the event, conduct polls and link to different social media channels.
  • Subscription-based service with reach. GoToWebcast provides a high-quality, lower-cost alternative to hosted webcast services while providing scalable reach for up to 5,000 attendees. With a monthly fixed fee, users can host unlimited events and reach attendees anywhere, on any device.
  • Connect from any device. Participants can watch or listen to a webcast, including streaming video or audio, from their mobile device without downloading any software. GoToWebcast participants can join from mobile devices such as an iPhone, iPad, Android device or the new Blackberry Playbook.

To learn more about the robust GoToWebcast features, including real-time polling, chat tools, custom branding capabilities and browser-accessibility, please visit http://demos.citrixwebcasts.com/.

GoToWebinar and GoToTraining Benefits

  • Presenters can just turn on their webcam. GoToWebinar and GoToTraining with HDFaces are compatible with any webcam hardware.
  • Move beyond the lecture. HDFaces moves beyond lecture-style presentations based on slide-show visuals to facilitate dynamic communications that maximize the event experience. Up to 6 presenters can lead interactive Q&A sessions, host panel discussions, and illustrate concepts with “hands-on” demonstrations, just as if they were in the same room with their audience.
  • Built for business. With Multistream HD technology, intelligent bandwidth optimization and secure 128-bit AES encryption, HDFaces for GoToWebinar and GoToTraining provides stable, secure, high-performance video capabilities for business webinars and online training.

Citrix Offers a “One-Stop Shop” for High-Quality Collaboration Solutions Built for Business

Today’s announcements build on the Citrix commitment to be the single “go to” resource for business collaboration needs. In the past year, Citrix has delivered innovative services to enable seamless experiences for today’s distributed and mobile workforce. The company has enabled people to connect, communicate and share from any location and with any audience using new collaboration services that include GoToMeeting with HDFaces high-definition video conferencing; Podio, a collaborative work platform for teams; ShareFile, for file sharing and storage; and the Citrix GoTo Developer Center for access to APIs enabling developers to build integrations with GoToWebinar, GoToTraining and GoToMeeting. Citrix offers a complete collaboration solution through a range of easy-to-use tools that deliver an elegantly simple experience for managing today’s mobile workstyles and collaborating more efficiently. For more information, visit www.citrixonline.com

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