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10:02:54 - 28 January 2013

Monday, 28thJan 2013 – Leeds, UK – Since the launch of eNlight Cloud, eUKhost Ltd. has joined the league of leading cloud server hosting providers in the UK. As a trusted web hosting provider in the UK, eUKhost has seen eNlight Cloud grow rapidly in popularity among UK businesses – large and small alike.

With rapid innovations in cloud computing technology, businesses are increasingly turning to cloud as the ideal hosting solution for uptime-critical applications and use cases, and online

e-commerce and business websites. Many businesses find out after moving to cloud that, in most cases, the cloud is not so easily scalable in times of rapid fluctuations. In order to mitigate this problem, some may allocate more resources that may only be absolutely necessary for busy peak periods – resulting in businesses paying for computing resources that are not used at all times.

Anticipating the requirements of businesses in the UK and Europe, eUKhost developed a

high-uptime, low-cost, scalable cloud platform providing the reliability, performance and redundancy of VMware and Hyper-V Cloud while offering real-time scalability and cost-efficiency. eNlight Cloud auto-scales computing resources automatically on-the-fly and charges only for the resources that are consumed as opposed to being charged for resources allocated. This results in a truly pay-as-you-go billing model which can ultimately bring down the operating costs of your business website or e-commerce store. Deployed on a robust infrastructure and backed by technology which puts control in the customer’s hands, eNlight comprehensively addresses core issues associated with most popular cloud hosting platforms available in the market.

One of eUKhost’s most active eNlight Cloud users, Dx3webs, a provider of managed Magento hosting, has been utilizing eNlight to its fullest over the last few quarters. Considering the utilization of one of the VMs created under Dx3webs account, if they were to opt for one of the popular cloud servers with fixed billing, the server cost would have been £50 - £60 per month per VM considering maximum resource requirements to accommodate high traffic time periods on each of the websites hosted on separate VM’s. Conversely, as they are hosted on eNlight, the average monthly cost has been hovering around £29 per VM, with even lower monthly costs during quieter periods.

A senior member of DX3Webs, Mr. Andy Bird, shared his views on the way they have used eNlight and also the success that they have achieved through it. He says, “Over the last year we have selected eNlight to fulfill a number of roles. We have used VMs created on eNlight as staging server for rapid development - The ability to instantly spawn new, high performance VMs is ideal for our clients wanting to prototype new Magento stores, test concepts or to work in isolated VM’s. eNlight has also been utilized widely by us as Email servers as the flexible, auto scaling nature of eNlight makes for excellent low power, low costs email servers. We frequently have clients who need servers to perform infrequent tasks; here the ability to quickly power up and power down eNlight instances is ideal. Last but not the least; eNlight addressed the seasonal fluctuations better than any other system would have been able to. The 2012 Christmas was no problem for the online stores of our Clients.  Resources were added at the right time and these busy sites were not affected at all due to the increased traffic.”

eNlight Cloud was designed keeping in mind the requirements of businesses that see highly fluctuating traffic or sudden traffic bursts during peak hours; and is perfectly suited for applications that experience hourly, daily, or weekly variability in terms of resource consumption. “With eNlight Cloud, we are able to guarantee a high-level of uptime because the system will automatically move any eNlight Cloud VMs from one hardware node to another hardware node in the event of any hardware failure that would otherwise cause immediate downtime on traditional hosting solutions,” says John Strong, CEO, eUKhost Ltd.

Another eNlight Cloud customer running a large business shopping and travel portal, 4utoday, benefitted immensely from eNlight's automatic scaling and pay-as-you-go billing model with high CPU and bandwidth usage variability. If they were to be on an alternative cloud platform – based on their current average usage costs – 4utoday would be paying between £175 per month for the same levels of performance and reliability at all times – especially during peak periods. During quieter periods, the customer has saved 40% in one month – with an average monthly saving of nearly 20%. Brent Wilkins from 4utoday says, “Our business is seasonal and we need a flexible hosting platform that can respond to customer demand at a short notice, plus we need to be confident that systems are stable and online so we can concentrate on building the business. Since moving to eNlight, we have seen a steady growth of visitors which in turn has translated into revenue.”

eNlight Cloud is equipped with easy-to-use tools for customers to monitor, administer, and scale their cloud infrastructure in real-time. The eNlight control panel lets users manage every aspect of their cloud virtual machine – the ability to create, start, stop, restart and terminate any active virtual machines; and create, attach and detach disks of required size to and from virtual machines without needing to reboot. From within the control panel, customers can check the resources consumed by their eNlight virtual machines – with hourly, daily, monthly and yearly usage data and the accompanying costs of those resources – providing complete transparency and control to eNlight Cloud customers.

Sun International FZE, one more client of eUKhost, is an active international trading house for commodities like coal, iron ore, steel, cement and agri-commodities. Their office in Dubai, with the support from associate offices located in China, South Africa and Singapore, handles the sourcing, contracting, coordination of each shipment as well as post-shipment services as needed. For Sun, an active communication and coordination between all their offices is extremely critical to succeed. They host their VoIP applications / encryption on eNlight VMs, ensuring 100% uptime. Suraj Vazirani at Sun International FZE says, “Our overall experience with eNlight and eUKhost support has been very good. eNlight has helped us save costs for VoIP servers and at the same time, allowed us to focus on actual communications and business administration as we are sure the our communication system will always be up and running, irrespective of usage loads.”

eNlight Cloud is a major milestone when we look at eUKhost innovations and an integral part of our cloud hosting solutions for professional and business customers. When we looked around at the different cloud solutions available and the problems that were not adequately catered by any one cloud platform, we took it as a challenge to develop something unique, and that’s when the foundation of eNlight was laid. A few years of research and development brought eNlight Cloud into existence, and we’re extremely pleased with the reception that eNlight has garnered during 2012. eNlight cloud fulfills the promise of a scalable, reliable and cost-efficient cloud hosting solution for businesses and professionals alike addressing multiple use case scenarios. eNlight is on its way to becoming one of the most widely used cloud platforms of 2013 through the addition of more features and functionalities.” concluded John.


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