Earn Upto £350.00 Per Sale With EUKhost Affiliate Program!

08:12:01 - 06 November 2012

With many ways in which to make money as a website owner – from publisher networks to e-commerce associate programs – it’s important to choose an advertising network that will bring you the best turnover in revenue. With publisher networks, the company that runs the advertising network takes a slice of the revenue when you are advertising a product, service, website or company via your website. In effect, there is a middleman between the company you’re advertising and the revenue you receive. Of course, this gives you a broad reach as a publisher, but because there is an entity in the middle that takes what is effectively a commission, your potential revenue is lower than if you made an advertising agreement directly with the company you’re advertising in question.

eUKhost Ltd., a UK based web hosting firm, provides an attractive affiliate program for website owners and developers by advertising the range of web hosting services eUKhost offers. In return, affiliates receive a commission of up to £350 in each sale they generate. Quite simply, the more sales you generate, the more revenue you make as an affiliate. As an affiliate with eUKhost, you are a direct partner with eUKhost, and the commission made goes directly to you – no third party is involved taking a slice of the revenue.

“As an owner of a popular website, you may be inclined to charge for access to certain areas of your website in order to fund the costs of your website and to make a good living. The benefits of an affiliate network is that you can keep all the areas of your website free for everyone while making money through advertisements catered to your audience.

“Our affiliate network is focused on web hosting; and as an affiliate, you can choose from a wide-range of advertisements to display on your website. All adverts are tied to an affiliate ID and when a sale is made, that affiliate will receive a generous commission for each sale generated. Our commission structure offers up to £350 for each sale that you generate. Comparing this to a pay-per-click system which can vary substantially – as has been the case during the recession – our commission structure remains greatly consistent because our pricing structure is based on the prices we charge our end customers for our wide-range of services,” Mark Ducadi, Chief Marketing Officer at eUKhost Ltd. said.

eUKhost Ltd. have a wide variety of web hosting services that are a part of the affiliate program. As well as shared and reseller web hosting, the affiliate program also applies to eUKhost’s range of dedicated servers, cloud and virtual private servers and web hosting addons, including SSL certificates.

The web hosting affiliate program from eUKhost Ltd. is free to participate with no registration fees. “We benefit from the sales that are generated through our popular affiliate program. Anyone may become an affiliate free of charge – there are absolutely no fees involved,” Mark Ducadi confirmed.

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