WiredTree Announces Comprehensive Data Center Network Upgrades

03:35:28 - 29 August 2011

WiredTree, a leading provider of managed servers, upgrades its downtown Chicago data center to new standards.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) August 29, 2011 - WiredTree, a market leader in the field of managed dedicated server hosting, managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, and managed hybrid hosting services, announced today a range of new network upgrades to its data center in downtown Chicago. With new and improved network hardware alongside increased connectivity, WiredTree is investing in the technology it needs to hold its position as a reliable managed hosting provider.

“Our overhaul of network infrastructure at our Chicago data center is an investment of nearly a half a million dollars,” says Zac Cogswell, President of WiredTree. “Our managed dedicated servers and managed hosting services have rapidly grown to become incredibly popular and we are focused on ensuring that as WiredTree continues to grow, our network can handle the growth. This new range of network upgrades will help us satisfy our existing customers and pave the way for even greater growth.”

WiredTree has replaced its existing network hardware with improved models to meet state-of-the-art specifications and prepare for the future. All edge routers have now been replaced with Brocade MLXe routers, expandable to 100 gigabit Internet (100GbE) and fully IpV6 compatible. These Brocade routers are capable of 15.36 Tbps (Terabits per second) and 4.8 billion packets per second (pps) routing capacity, ensuring that customers can benefit from lightning fast connectivity at all times. Similarly, the network’s core switching gear has been upgraded to the Brocade FastIron SX800 series, allowing for full line rate performance on 10Gbe ports and 464Gbps of data switching capability. This new selection of hardware is matched with redundant units fed from multiple power circuits.

“At WiredTree, whether it is managed dedicated servers or managed VPS hosting, we want to have the best hardware for the job,” says Cogswell. “Technology moves incredibly quickly and we are determined that at all times we will be ahead of the curve. It is not enough for us to simply match the standards that some other data centers might strive for – we aim to be at the forefront of network infrastructure technology. Of course, this outlook is comprehensive – we have invested in hardware that suits our network connectivity capabilities, and vice versa.”

Beneath the hardware layer of WiredTree’s new upgrades is connectivity with key network providers to ensure high-speed connections at all times. With WiredTree’s four tier-one providers (Level3, Savvis, Global Crossing, and NTT), the hosting company now boasts 10Gbps links that bring the total Internet connectivity of the downtown Chicago data center to 80Gbps. This gives customers that use the company’s managed dedicated server hosting services increased peace of mind that their hardware is available at all times at remarkably high speeds. In addition, WiredTree has enabled IPv6 support for the majority of these providers, beginning the industry-wide move towards this new method of identifying hardware and transferring data.

“By starting to enable IPv6, we are preparing for the future of the Internet,” says Cogswell. “But perhaps more importantly, we are securing our own future in this business. Since 2006 we have had our focus on the long-term ambition of the company and how we can evolve alongside our customers – keeping our technology current is a significant part of this ongoing process. What’s more, we are now able to offer even more assurance as to the reliability of our network, including our new 100% network uptime service level agreement.”

With this new range of network upgrades and the financial investment to make the upgrades a reality, WiredTree is working to hold its position as a leading provider of dedicated server hosting. The power, connectivity, and quality of these new improvements are sure to result in continued growth for both WiredTree and the businesses that it serves. Customers interested in learning more about WiredTree and their range of managed server hosting services are encouraged to visit wiredtree.com.

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Formed in June 2006 to set a new standard for managed hosting, WiredTree provides a superior managed hosting environment through customer service, innovative network design, a unique suite of services, and the latest technological advances in server hardware. WiredTree’s network leverages two logically separated networks – a public Internet network and a private internal network. This modern “network-within-a-network” design allows WiredTree to securely provide a wide range of value-added services for businesses of all sizes.

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WiredTree was formed in June 2006 to set a new standard for managed dedicated and VPS hosting. The goal was to provide our clients with a superior managed hosting environment for our clients through customer service, innovative network design, a unique suite of services, and the latest technological advances in server hardware. A managed hosting environment that not only supported our clients at all levels, but also provided a true value.To realize this goal we created a modernized internal support structure to better handle client issues and... read more

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