4PSA Joins SIP Forum as Full Member

13:03:46 - 09 November 2010

Orlando, Fl - November 9, 2010 - 4PSA, a leading Cloud Computing and Unified Communications software technology company, announces that it has joined the SIP Forum as a Full Member.  

"We have joined the SIP Forum because we believe in the importance of collaboration and interoperability with key global companies and their initiatives to strengthen the SIP ecosystem", stated Bogdan Carstoiu, 4PSA's CEO. "Our interest is to share the experiences of our cloud implementations and what we are doing to scale massively in distributed environments", added Mr. Carstoiu.

"4PSA has an extremely high focus on SIP and its use in the enterprise for applications which include SIP trunking, Unified Communications, Fax, conferencing and video. Many of our current products and much of our
development effort is in the SIP area. As we continue to discover improved methods for leveraging the full cloud potential, we look forward to presenting these to the SIP Forum members for review and exchange of ideas", Mr. Carstoiu also stated.

"I also look forward to 4PSA bringing a significant contribution to the SIP Forum and its members as a resource and as a partner. I am certain that the expertise we bring to the SIP Forum will help accomplish its mission and provide value to the other distinguished SIP Forum members." Mr. Carstoiu mentioned.

According to Richard Shockey, Chairman of the Board of the SIP Forum, "We are very pleased to have 4PSA join our ranks as a new Full Member of the SIP Forum. The interest of 4PSA and other companies in the Forum is a major proof-point of the growing awareness and support for SIP Forum initiatives related to improving interoperability and speeding the broad adoption of SIP-based products and services in the commercial marketplace.

Marc Robins, SIP Forum President and Managing Director stated, "All of the Forum's various initiatives are gaining significant industry traction, including 'SIPconnect', which provides a best practices methodology for accomplishing trouble-free SIP trunking between SIP-enabled IP-PBXs and SIP-enabled VoIP service providers; the Fax-over-IP (FoIP) Interoperability Task Group work focused on achieving a higher degree of FoIP interoperability and FoIP reliability; the User-Agent Configuration Task Group effort to develop a simple configuration mechanism and profile suitable for a variety of user agents; and our exploration of the applicability of SIP in the Smart Grid with our Smart Grid SIG (Special Interest Group). In short, the progress we're making in these areas is having a positive, direct effect on our membership."

VoipNow® Professional software delivers a complete, full-featured, hosted IP PBX with Unified Communications for single or multi-tenant deployment as well as fax, conferencing, IM, presence, video and mobile support. Designed with service providers or data center managers in mind, the functions mentioned are complemented with an array of provisioning, management and quality of service tools to assist in maintaining the integrity of the system at all times. VoipNow® deployments can utilize private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructure based on the customer's specific demands.

About 4PSA

4PSA is a leading innovative software development company, specialized in applications that run on computer clouds. The company provides, under the 4PSA® brand, solutions that help service providers and enterprises better manage their IT infrastructure, automate processes, and deliver improved communication services.

The 4PSA flagship solution is the VoipNow® Platform, a suite of software applications designed to accelerate Unified Communications adoption by businesses and end-users. The products are built around cloud computing and provide unrivaled performance with the most comprehensive features, massive scalability, and the ultimate in automation. 4PSA's success is based on excellence, innovation, and customer driven processes. The company's business processes are supported by the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certified by TÜV CERT. 4PSA® and VoipNow® are registered trademarksof Rack-Soft, Inc.

For more information, visit: www.4psa.com, follow us on Twitter at
www.twitter.com/4psa or join our LinkedIn group at www.4psa.com/linkedin.  

About the SIP Forum

The SIP Forum is a leading IP communications industry association that engages in numerous activities that promote and advance SIP-based technology, such as the development of industry recommendations, technical specifications, the SIPit interoperability and testing events, special interoperability workshops, educational seminars, and general promotion of SIP in the industry. For more information, please visit: http://www.sipforum.org.


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