Webhosting.uk.com Intros VMware Cloud VPS Hosting with 100% Uptime Guarantee

04:17:06 - 23 February 2010

UK-based managed web hosting provider Webhosting.uk.com (www.webhosting.uk.com) has launched three different Cloud-based virtual private server hosting plans, powered by industry-leading virtualization platform VMware.
For this new Cloud VPS Hosting environment, according to its Tuesday announcement, the company has setup a cluster of five servers: four active servers and one standby server along with one controller server with failover solution to ensure 100 percent uptime and redundancy. Out of the five server cluster, one will always remain as a standby server and won't host any data.
"We are excited to unveil this new range of virtual private servers which are backed by a genuine 100 percent uptime guarantee," Webhosting.uk.com sales and marketing manager James Anderson said in a statement. "This uniquely designed and expertly supported Cloud VPS platform is an ideal solution for customers who need power of a dedicated server and high availability without having to pay a big price."
With the combination of VMware's fault tolerance, high availability, and distributed resource scheduling features that continuously monitor virtual machines and physical servers, Webhosting.uk.com said that it has effectively eliminated even the smallest disruptions in the event of hardware failures.
A replica of all the hosted accounts would be created on each of the four active servers, and if any one of the active servers in the cluster fails, all the hosted virtual servers will function from one of the three remaining active servers. The controller server will take care of the switch over and ensure that all virtual servers function from one of the remaining three active servers. Also, all four active servers are also equipped with Redundant Shared Storage with RAID 10 to eliminate the risk of disk failure or any other hard drive related issues.
Starting at £29 (about $46) per month, the minimum payment term for the Cloud VPS Hosting Server is one month, and is backed up by an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. With these dynamic virtual servers, clients can not only enjoy full root SSH/RDP access to their server and their own chosen dedicated operating system, but can use the dedicated environment to host mission-critical applications that use sensitive data and thereby retain greater control over their information.

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