Future Hosting Goes ‘Rebootless’ with Ksplice Uptrack Technology

10:46:52 - 15 January 2010

NOVI, Mich. (January 15, 2010) – Future Hosting, an Internet solutions provider serving SMBs and enterprises internationally and developer of Future Engineer™, today announced it has adopted Ksplice Uptrack™, a new technology enabling upgrades and maintenance on Linux servers without the need to reboot the system.

Traditionally, server administrators are required to reboot the system after performing upgrades to the Linux kernel. Although reboots only take several minutes, they inevitably cause downtime and disrupt the normal operation of the system. Ksplice’s rebootless technology instead converts important kernel upgrades to rebootless packages that can be installed without the need to reboot the system.

“Ksplice Uptrack is an important technology that will enable our technical staff to reduce the amount of time we spend on routine maintenance and in return provide even greater uptime for our clients. The ability to eliminate the majority of reboots is something we are excited to add to our arsenal. We’re reducing both costs and headaches at the same time,” said Future Hosting Chief Technology Officer Nick Zyren.

"Ksplice Uptrack brings systems to a whole new level of availability and security, and we're delighted to be working with Future Hosting to serve their customers better," said Ksplice Chief Operating Officer, Waseem Daher.

Ksplice Uptrack works in both traditional and virtualized Linux environments. Future Hosting will immediately begin using the technology on Virtual Private Server nodes in all of its data centers.

Virtual Private Servers from Future Hosting start at just $24.95 per month, and are available in a wide variety of configurations, including on both managed and unmanaged plans. Customers are also able to locate their server in any of Future Hosting’s five international data centers, in Chicago, Dallas, London, Seattle, or Washington, D.C.

Future Hosting is the developer of Future Engineer™, a technical support automation system designed to automate time consuming server configuration and repair tasks on Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Future Engineer™ allows clients to receive a greater level of technical support than is available when technicians spend their time performing routine or basic maintenance tasks. With Future Engineer™, technicians are free to spend their time offering a level of technical support that is unrivaled and otherwise unaffordable.

For more information about Future Hosting, please visit http://www.futurehosting.com.

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