Geocities Closure Paves The Way For Further Expansion Into Web Hosting Market For T35 Hosting

02:18:42 - 22 June 2009

Web hosting giant T35 Hosting has today announced it is to capitalize on the scheduled closure of Yahoo’s Geocities by rolling out an extensive re-design and feature overhaul to seize the former Geocities share of the web hosting market.

(19 June 2009) - - Established web hosting firm T35 Hosting has today announced it intends to capitalize on the scheduled closure of Yahoo’s Geocities, off the back of a significant redesign aimed at improving usability and providing an even better standard of service to clients.

With Geocities condemned for closure, T35 has repositioned its core free web hosting service to provide customers with a viable alternative that is not only easy to use, but also extremely reliable and feature-intensive with an emphasis on usability.

Alex Melen, President of T35 Hosting believes the closure of Geocities will mark a period of significant growth for the T35 brand, as it looks to pick up market share from the closure of its largest competitor.

“The closure of Geocities marks the end of an era in free online web hosting, and we’re happy to announce that the decision for T35 and our customers will only be a positive one. We have undergone a significant redesign of our website, not only in terms of appearance, but also in usability, adding a range of features to shore-up the user experience and provide a better all round service to our hosting customers.”

“Over the years, T35 Hosting has become something of an online institution, and I’d like to take this opportunity to assure customers that far from scheduling our own closure, we expect to continue to outperform in terms of both market share and customer experience for many more years to come.”
T35 Hosting is one of the Internet’s most established web hosting providers, offering hosting services since 1997 and operating under the T35 brand since 1999


T35 Hosting is one of the oldest and most established web hosting companies, offering clients a range of hosting solutions from ad-supported to feature-heavy cPanel web hosting. The extensive redesign also encompasses a variety of value-added features for both free and paid hosting customers, to improve user experience and leverage on the scheduled closure of the rival Geocities service.



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