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Develop Ruby on Rails Projects with New Book on Aptana RadRails
05:39:04 - 16 July 2008

An IDE for Rails Development



Aptana RadRails is an Integrated Development Environment for Ruby on Rails projects. Built on top of the well-known Eclipse platform, RadRails provides all the tools needed to create a whole Rails application from a single interface, allowing users to focus on the creative part of the development as their IDE takes care of the mechanics.

This book contains tools for writing code, tools for testing and debugging, and also tools for project management. Users will also learn how to use other Eclipse plug-ins for synchronizing their projects with Subversion and for managing their databases. 

This book is for Ruby on Rails developers who want to make the most of the framework by using an Integrated Development Environment. Even though the book explains everything they need to follow the contents, the focus is on how to use the tool and not on the Rails framework itself, so previous working knowledge of Rails is highly advisable. Previous knowledge of Eclipse is not necessary.

For more details on the book, please visit http://www.PacktPub.com/aptana-rapid-rails-development/book



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