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JAT Software Secures Sensitive Data In Its Tax Reporting Solution Using Unify's Sqlbase Treasury
01:44:20 - 11 July 2008

SQLBase Treasury protects sensitive employee information




SACRAMENTO, Calif., July 9, 2008 – Unify Corp. (OTCBB: UFYC), a global provider of application modernization solutions, today announced that JAT Software (JAT), a leading provider of year-end tax form systems for human resource and payroll, has implemented a secure version of PRINTVIEW PLUS, its year-end tax reporting solution using Unify’s 128 bit encrypted database, SQLBase Treasury.  By embedding SQLBase Treasury into PRINTVIEW PLUS, JAT is able to win the business of large-scale clients that have security requirements for protecting year-end data.   


PRINTVIEW PLUS is used by the payroll department of large, medium and small organizations to print high volumes of W-2s, W-2c’sand 1099s for employee and contract workers.  Sensitive data such as employee names, social security numbers and addresses are stored in the PRINTVIEW PLUS database.  By embedding SQLBase Treasury and its 128 bit encryption technology into PRINTVIEW PLUS, JAT customers can meet audit and compliance requirements for information privacy and security.


“The usability, self maintenance, and zero database administration of SQL Base Treasury provide me with satisfied clients,” said Craig Garritano, vice president of operations, JAT Software. “SQLBase Treasury doesn’t compromise any of the performance, speed or multi-user benefits of SQLBase, so we can achieve 128 bit encryption without compromising the integrity of our application and database.”


SQLBase Treasury is a key differentiator because the encryption is embedded within the database and there are no additional installations, plug-ins or add-ons required. Other companies must offer third-party encryption tools, which add maintenance and licensing requirements as well as potential compatibility and integration problems.


“Data theft and security breaches are a real threat in this age of mobile computing,” said Duane George, chief technology officer, Unify Corporation. “The rock solid encryption of SQLBase Treasury is the perfect solution for protecting the sensitive employee data of JAT’s customers.”


JAT’s PRINTVIEW PLUS enables companies to process original W-2s, W-2 reissues, W-2c’s, and 1099s quickly and accurately without the time-consuming and labor intensive procedures of the past. It is a PC-based software application for in-house processing of year-end reporting by the payroll department. Its embedded database stores the pertinent employee information, allowing the forms to be printed in seconds or queued up for high-volume batch processing.


SQLBase Treasury is based on SQLBase and is one of the leading, self-administrating compact embedded databases for independent software vendors and end users. The combination of maintenance-free reliability, embedding possibilities and encryption make SQLBase Treasury the ideal relational data storage repository for high-risk environments with lower levels of security. SQLBase Treasury encrypts the data stream between client and server providing protection from sniffing attacks and prevents password guessing and denial-of-service attacks by increasing the time between renewed login attempts. In addition, SQLBase Treasury provides detailed auditing reports on database login attempts, data access details and user activity for customers to be able to identify potential security breaches.


About Unify

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