LogicBoxes and Skenzo host a "Taj Mahal Sojourn" for guests at the 31st ICANN Meet in Delhi, India

03:04:51 - 21 February 2008

LogicBoxes and Skenzo host a "Taj Mahal Sojourn" for guests at the 31st ICANN Meet in Delhi, India

Apart from supporting the ICANN meet as silver sponsors, LogicBoxes and Skenzo planned this special event for as many as 90 attendees that had made the long trip to India. Arrangements were made for all guests to explore the mystical city of Agra and experience one of the Seven Wonders of the World – The Taj Mahal.

The elite list of attendees included the likes of Enom and Tucows head honchos, Paul Stahura and Eliott Noss respectively. Trey Harvin - CEO dotMobi, Jonathan Nevett - Network Solutions, Alexa Raad CEO PIR, Tim Cole - Chief Registrar Liaison at ICANN, Craig Schwartz - Chief gTLD Registry Liaison at ICANN, Tina Dam - Director, IDN Program ICANN, Dave Wodelet, Wendy Seltzer, Thomas Narten – ICANN Board members, and Chuck Gomes from Verisign just to name a few.

“It seemed like the perfect highlight for the 1st ever ICANN meet in India. We wanted our guests to experience the beauty of one of the most remarkable monuments in the world – the Taj Mahal! Since most had a busy agenda packed with meetings and discussions, this trip allowed the delegates to socialize and network while participating in this ‘once in a life-time experience’ ” says Bhavin Turakhia, the CEO of Directi.

The trip included a comfortable drive in a convoy of luxurious coaches down the picturesque Golden Triangle of North India, followed by an awe striking tour of the Taj Mahal, a sumptuous lunch at the Mughal Sheraton coupled with a visit to other famous landmarks in Agra - a tour of the Agra Fort by the river Yamuna and the exotic Palaces within, some of the best specimens of Mughal art in India. And for all those who were looking at capturing the Indian culture in trinkets and artifacts, a trip was made to the local Bazaars that offered a wide choice of handicrafts, marble artwork, brassware, rugs, leather items and textiles etc.

The Taj Mahal Sojourn was a huge success being attended by several ICANN staff and Board members, Domain name Registry members and Registrars from across the globe. All those who joined the trip were enthralled by the magnificence of the monument and were able to explore and experience the culture and beauty of India in a different light.

“LogicBoxes and Skenzo have been associated with almost all ICANN meets for the past 3 - 4 years, and every year we try doing something different and innovative. The Taj trip certainly left our guests with memories that they will cherish forever! We wanted to give them a little something to take back, and nothing could be more memorable than a trip to the Taj Mahal.” said Divyank Turakhia, President, Skenzo.

Skenzo’s domain monetization program is used by a large number of ICANN Accredited Domain Registrars and several large domain portfolio holders to monetize their internet traffic. Despite its recent entry into the market, Skenzo has overtaken several other players to rank as the fastest growing company within the monetization market.

LogicBoxes is a software and consultancy company for Web Service Providers, Web Hosts and Registrars. Its software powers the backend of over 50+ ICANN Accredited Registrars, over 45000 Resellers and thousands of Web Service Providers worldwide.


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