myLittleTools and WebHost Automation Announce myLittleAdmin for Helm

05:55:04 - 24 April 2007

myLittleTools, the leading provider of web-based applications for Microsoft SQL Server, in partnership with WebHost Automation, the developer of the well-known multi-server control panel software Helm, announced myLittleAdmin for Helm 4, a free extension for Helm 4.

myLittleAdmin, the first web-based management tool specially designed for MS SQL 2005, is now fully integrated with Helm 4. myLittleAdmin for Helm is a free module that integrates Helm 4 with myLittleAdmin and  gives Helm 4 users the ability to manage MS SQL 2005 databases.

“The association Helm + myLittleAdmin is one of the best things that has happened to the Windows web-hosting industry for years,” said Elian Chrebor, founder of myLittleTools. “Each Windows webhoster will now have the possibility to add a great MS SQL 2005 offer in its plans.”

“Once we release this tool and give webhosts the ability to manage every aspect of their MS SQL databases online it will definitely make life easier for them,” said WebHost Automation Founder and Chief Technical Officer Adam Saunders.

With this new partnership, myLittleTools demonstrate their will to move the MS SQL industry closer to the web-hosting industry.

About myLittleTools

Based in Enghien-Les-Bains, France, myLittleTools has more than 1,000 customers worldwide and is a leading provider of web-based applications for MS SQL Server and web-hosting industries. More info on http://www.mylittletools.net and http://www.mylittleadmin.com

About WebHost Automation

WebHost Automation Limited is based in Bristol, United Kingdom, and has developed Helm, the only true multi-server control panel software for Windows. Since startup in 2002, WebHost Automation has grown steadily, and now has customers in well over 130 countries. More info on http://www.webhostautomation.com


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