Indian ISPs are blocking Geocities sites

01:03:46 - 17 July 2006

Sites, hosted on Yahoo Geocities are not accessible through Indian ISPs.

Yahoo Geocities, one of the largest web-hosting providers, is being blocked by several Indian ISPs like Sify and others. Several webmasters and company-sites which are hosted on Geocities are experiencing very low traffic due to this problem.

The problem was reported to Yahoo Geocities by http://www.geocities.com/rmtiwari/ [Passionate about SAP] and is being looked into by Yahoo team. It's not just Sify in India but several others, which use port blocking to avoid hackers, are also blocking Geocities.

It's now around a month since this issue appeared and it has created a lot of problems for several sites which are hosted on Geocities.

It seems Geocities is using some port number which is unusual and that’s why these ISPs are blocking Geocities.

Due to this problem Geocities has lost a lot of its credibility to an extent that over here, in India, people do not click on the search results which shows a Geocities site. Assuming, all the geocities sites are now down for several days. Further, I think the trend will remain for some time even after the correction and is being aggravated by the delay.

Yahoo has assured that their team is trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

This problem is also being discussed at http://nonadsense.blogspot.com  [Nonadsense].


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