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WikiUpload.com - AJAX based Free File Hosting with Wiki Approach
06:53:21 - 03 May 2006

Wikiupload.com's goal is to create the largest selection of open source content where users can submit all files they find useful to share with friends and others. Just like wikipedia collects articles on all various subjects, wikiupload will collect videos, mp3, images and other files. The visitors can then tag, share or comment on the files. In essence, wikiupload.com will do for files what del.icio.us did for bookmarking.

Users can contribute to the site's library by uploading their favorite files. Over time, thousands of files will be collected and production will occur 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the true wiki spirit. That means fresh entertainment, all the time. The wiki editing system will allow any users to report illegal files, so they can be deleted quickly. WikiUpload.com will even create RSS feeds of all uploaded files to use on your own entertainment websites.

RSS feed of files will be very beneficial to webmasters who cannot afford host their own content. This service will allow them to upload files they would like to share with their visitors and receive an RSS feed of those files that can be easily placed on their own sites. RSS feeds are evry customizable where they can receive a feed based on any tag or by all the files in their own account.

Although RapidShare and MegaUpload allow file hosting, it is very limited in terms of sharing and the service they offer to their users. Wikiupload will allow everyone to share, tag and post comments about the files. For those who wish to keep their files private, that option is also available so their files are only seen by people they approve.

WikiUpload.com is family-friendly, strictly prohibiting the uploading of illegal software or pornographic materials. This means that everyone from toddlers to grandparents can be comfortable and safe enjoying all the benefits WikiUpload has to offer from free file hosting to free image hosting and mp3 & video hosting.

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