Last Digital Adds Domain Name Management System to Web Hosting

16:25:26 - 28 March 2005

Last Digital Ltd., a hosting company providing domain name registrations, has taken one more step ahead by creating its new Domain Management.
As the company is growing, they know that an effective management is vital to meet everyday customer's demand.

The company's main concern is building a good relationship with it's customers; by having this new domain management system, they are aiming to ease customers' involvement with the company's support..

Domain management system is expected to decrease the waiting time of the customers in the queue. Instead of contacting the customer service or submitting a request of changes such as domain name owner details, name servers or others they will be able to do the necessary adjustments anytime and anywhere by simply logging to the customer control panel..

The New Domain Management features allow customers to: Point the domain names to any static IP address; Register new domain names; Renew the domain names; Transfer domain name to Last Digital and Change the registrant, administrator, technical and billing contact of the domain name..

With Last Digital?s simple DNS management system, you can make sure that Last Digital would even assist you to move your domain?s hosting to the other provider without having any delays and help you to control your domain records.


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