GeoTrust Launches GeoRoot

12:50:00 - 15 February 2005

GeoTrust, Inc. (www.geotrust.com), a provider in identity verification solutions for e-business and the world's second largest issuer of SSL (secure sockets layer) certificates for web security, today announced the availability of GeoRoot™, an enterprise solution that allows organizations to chain their internally issued digital certificates to GeoTrust's publicly recognized roots.

"Today, many large organizations utilize Microsoft's free Certificate Authority to create digital certificates for securing their servers, email and employee remote access," stated Neal Creighton, CEO of GeoTrust.

GeoRoot allows organizations with their own Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to extend the use of SSL server and client certificates by leveraging a highly ubiquitous GeoTrust root, supported by over 99% of browsers.

"Server-based digital certificates for SSL have become increasingly important to organizations because they provide enhanced security," stated Vic Wheatman, Managing Vice President, Gartner, Inc.

By chaining to GeoTrust's public root, certificates gain compatibility with virtually all browsers and digital certificate and public key security applications, including commerce sites, intranet, extranet, S/MIME and VPN hardware and clients. This ubiquitous recognition allows certificates, whether for electronic documents, secure email or other transactions, to be trusted globally.

Certificate lifecycle management is a key feature of GeoRoot, allowing organizations to easily issue, renew and revoke certificates.

Other functions, such as authenticating individuals, deploying and managing SSL server certificates and client certificates, as well as managing the distribution of public keys to appropriate parties, are all handled by the organization.

In addition to GeoRoot, GeoTrust offers a full line of digital certificates for identity verification, including client certificates for secure access, SSL certificates for e-commerce and web services security, code signing certificates for software developers and the recently announced certified signing solution for Adobe® Acrobat®.


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