PromotionWorld Adds MSN Keyword Ranking Monitor to its Search Engine Optimization Tools

15:30:51 - 06 December 2004

Keyword Ranking Monitor for MSN Search (Beta) is the last developed advanced technology added to the PromotionWorld’s SEO Tool Kit.

December 06, 2004 - San Diego, California - DevStart, Inc. (www.devstart.com), a leading internet media company serving the web development and promotion markets, today announced the launch of the MSN Search Keyword Ranking Monitor.  This powerful new free service, which is located at http://www.promotionworld.com/tools, will serve the users of DevStart's popular web development and promotion sites, which include PromotionWorld, HostReview, DomainInformer, and WebKnowHow.Net.

The MSN Search Keyword Ranking Monitor offers webmasters the ability to track the keyword positioning of web sites in Microsoft's MSN Search.  This information is of vital importance to online businesses and individuals involved in search engine optimization (SEO).

"We are excited to add this frequently requested feature to PromotionWorld's SEO Tool Kit", notes Darren Tabor, Chief Executive Officer of DevStart.  "It is part of our commitment to provide industry leading technologies to our loyal users."

The Keyword Ranking Monitor for MSN Search allows users to easily access their unique data, monitor the results and add unlimited keywords and URLs in free accounts. The instant online report is supported by a user-friendly storage system, allowing the easy access and to the monitored data.
Current users can easily import their data from the dozen of other powerful tools in PromotionWorld SEO Tool Section.  

"Search engine optimization requires a new approach to the measuring of the campaign results," said Milena Sotirova, Editor of DevStart, Inc. "More and more companies are expected to expand the SEO strategy efforts using advanced tools to measure and analyze the results. PromotionWorld provides the opportunity for a look ahead to accelerate the SEO technology implementations and initiate new standard of industry developments."
Advertisers interested in learning more about the opportunities to reach web promotion and SEO professionals should contact Jamie Chantiles, DevStart's Director of Sales, at 858-453-6094, or by e-mail at Jamie@devstart.com.

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