POWWEB, Inc., Warns Online Shoppers & Businesses About Holiday Scams

12:26:56 - 30 November 2004

The Los Angeles Web hosting company recently doubled its hosting disk space, now offering 2,000 MB

Los Angeles - November 30, 2004 - (HostReview) - "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is," warns Andrew H. Te, CEO of PowWeb, Inc. (www.PowWeb.com), a Los Angeles global hosting company serving small and medium businesses.

The U.S. Dept. of Commerce reported (11-19-04) online retail sales jumped more than 21 percent in the third quarter. Adjusted for seasonal variations and holiday and trading-day differences, online sales increased 21.5 percent to $17.6 billion, compared with the same period a year ago. On a non-adjusted basis, online retail revenues rose 21.2 percent to $16.5 billion. Total retail sales for the quarter was $916.5 billion.

 "This is typically the time of the year when many new and returning consumers begin to shop online for the upcoming holidays," said Te. "Common sense should prevail when it comes to scams that arrive in the inbox of your email system. Don't open email that looks suspicious, just delete it."

 To meet the rising demands in ecommerce and hosting, this holiday season PowWeb expanded its hosting disk space from 1,000 to 2,000 megabytes, which Te believes allows business firms to add everything from more images and graphics to streaming video online.

"Most major hosting companies offer five megabytes or 200 times less than we offer," explained Te.
"If business owners visit www.PowWeb.com during November and December, we will waive a setup fee, give two months of free hosting, a free domain name (yourcompanyname.com), 2,000 MB of space, and five gigabytes of traffic per day, not monthly."

PowWeb offers a single hosting monthly package of $7.77 per business customer. Te said by offering only a single hosting package, it simplifies PowWeb's management, reduces overhead costs, and passes the savings on to customers. "It is the best bang for your buck - our ‘ONE PLAN' provides you with the best price/service ratio just about anywhere in the world."
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POWWEB holiday Scams
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  Te said the public should follow these tips offered by the FBI and Federal Trade Commission to avoid Internet scams that use bogus emails and Web sites to get personal information:

• Be wary of unsolicited e-mail that asks, either directly or through a Web site, for personal, financial or identity information such as a Social Security numbers, bank account numbers or passwords.
• Don't click on the links provided in such emails.
• When updating account information, use a familiar process such as visiting the known Web address of a company's account maintenance page. Unfamiliar addresses for this are probably fake.
• Make sure an Internet connection is secure — with an icon of a lock visible on the Web browser — before submitting personal information.
• Monitor credit card and bank statements for unauthorized charges.
• If an email or Web site is in doubt, make sure the request is authentic by contacting the company directly by phone or through a Web site or email address known to be authentic.
• People victimized by fraudulent emails or Web sites should contact their local police department and file a complaint with the FBI and the FTC. Consumers also should report fraudulent or suspicious emails to their Internet service provider.

Holiday shopping tips from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) before you buy:

• Find out what the company's refund policy is and ask for it in writing. Be aware that there is no refund law in British Columbia, Canada.
• Read the warranty before purchasing an item. Know what the warranty covers and note any limitations.
• Do your research on a business before you buy. Check the company report out at the BBB.
• Investigate before you invest! Comparison shop. Solicit three different companies for the cost of an item.
• When shopping online or over the phone, pay by C.O.D or credit card. Ensure that the company has supplied a physical address and phone number. Be cautious of dealing with companies that only supply a PO Box or mail drop.
• Be an educated consumer.  Know what you want and need - find what best matches these needs.
• Don't automatically purchase the lowest priced item.
• If signing a sales agreement, read all terms and conditions carefully.
• If placing a deposit, inquire if the deposit is refundable and under what terms. Get it in writing.
• Before making a trip to a shop to purchase an advertised bargain, contact the store to ensure that there is an adequate supply of the product.
• Know that just because an item is advertised, companies DO NOT have to supply rain checks if the item is unavailable. Be wary of "bait and switch practices."

"The best advice is to use your common sense," said Te. "When in doubt, check it out."

About PowWeb, Inc. (www.PowWeb.com) PowWeb began as a small Web design and Internet hosting company and mushroomed into a competitive international company overnight. "PowWeb is famous for our unique, unbeatable ‘ONE PLAN' Web hosting package for $7.77 per month," explained Te. "Small business startups and seasoned business firms starting a Web site should do research on Web designers and hosting companies.  We offer ‘one plan for one price' which includes everything you need to grow a successful online business."


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