Singlefin Announces Managed Protection Services

00:00:00 - 17 August 2004

Singlefin selects IMlogic for its highly reliable, scalable,enterprise-class, Instant Messaging management and securitysolution

CARDIFF BY THE SEA, Calif. (August 17, 2004) - Singlefin (www.singlefin.net), a leading provider of enterprise-class managed protection services, has announced the availability of the world's first managed Instant Message (IM) and Web Filters. The introduction provides business owners and network administrators with a maintenance-free, ASP-based alternative to large hardware and/or software deployments. For just pennies per day, a Singlefin subscription protects the enterprise from SPIM (Spam on IM), viruses, worms and other malware while capturing and logging 100% of IM conversations as well as all clicks made by networked web surfers.

With support for all industry-standard protocols, including AOL, MSN and Yahoo!, companies can now maintain a competitive advantage and increase productivity by allowing safe IM - one of the fastest growing communications mediums. IM is a growing concern for companies of all sizes that are unable to track or control IM use and the viruses and/or liabilities that may be introduced to the organization due to internal and external IM users.

"The real-time nature of Instant Messaging makes SPIM and virus attacks even more damaging and disruptive than the email equivalents," said Francis deSouza, President and CEO of IMlogic. "The fastest way to ensure enterprise-class Singlefin Launches First Managed IM and Web Filtering Solution protection with very little effort and no up-front cost is through a reliable hosting provider like Singlefin."

New blended threats now present in open Web sources were the impetus for Singlefin's newly created Web Filter. This filter acts to protect companies in the battle against phishing, spoofing, viruses and unknown attacks during employee Web use. The managed Web Filter allows companies, small and large, to transparently monitor, report on and manage employee use of the Internet - allowing Web use to be tracked, filtered and blocked at the administration level.

This management tool, combined with the new Instant Message filter and the company's original Email Filter, places Singlefin in the industry-leading position for product innovation. Singlefin's growing suite of Global Gateway Services offers corporations worldwide the most comprehensive and affordable managed solution for messaging available on the market. These services can be purchased as a suite or separately depending on a company's needs.

"Controlling messaging throughout the enterprise is a growing cost and concern for any company doing business today, so we set out to offer a suite of products comprehensive enough to solve the problem," said Singlefin CEO Jake Jacoby. "Today, IT managers are forced to battle self-propagating mail worms and threats from Web site spoofing and other malicious techniques used by hackers to violate a company's IT infrastructure. We've partnered with IMlogic, the industryleading provider of IM management and security solutions, to meet this problem head-on. IMlogic's scalable, reliable solution integrates seamlessly with our Web Filters and Email Filters and can literally be deployed throughout an entire corporate network within minutes."

By using a "hosted" solution such as Singlefin's IM Filter and Singlefin's Web Filter, a company is able to manage productivity and protection, simultaneously.

Free 30-day trials are available for all three of Singlefin's Global Gateway Services; visit www.singlefin.net for more details.
Singlefin IM Filter:
· Delivers 24 X 7 real-time monitoring and management of Instant Messaging infrastructure Singlefin Launches First Managed IM and Web Filtering Solution
· Enables IM file transfers safely and virus free
· Identifies "spimmers" and blocks unwanted messages at the network level
· Inappropriate words or phrases can trigger legal disclaimers, flags for Admins, or be blocked completely
· Compliance officers can perform searches and/or review IM conversations
· Ambiguous IM screen names are mapped to actual employee names
· Provides organization, group or individual user-level policy administration for all IM usage within the enterprise
· Manages employee IM use to internal and external IM networks by
organization, group or user
· Reports available on IM usage - IM users, networks and peak usage times can be identified
· Seamless to user and easily deployed in minutes without touching the desktop
· Control or block file transfer features on IM clients to prevent unscreened files from traversing your network
Singlefin Web Filter:
· Delivers 24X7 real-time monitoring and management of Internet traffic
· Can deliver customized disclaimers to individuals in violation of corporate web policies
· Enables file transfers safely and virus free
· Blocks unwanted "malware" at the network level
· Control or block P2P applications from loading on your network
· Control or block employees from visiting non-work related sites such as:

ESPN or eBay
· Enforces video and other high-bandwidth media policies on your network
· Reports on Web usage and identifies Web users, groups, networks and usage
· Seamless to user and easily deployed in minutes without touching desktops
· Control or block file transfer features on Web clients to prevent unscreened files from traversing your network

About Singlefin
Singlefin, a leading provider of managed protection services, provides next -generation messaging management solutions that easily and affordably integrate into any business messaging system. Today, more than 6 million users within almost 2000 corporationsworldwide trust Singlefin to protect their networks from Spam, viruses and other outside threats. In addition, Singlefin is able to offer a unique range of tracking and reporting features allowing administrators an unparalleled view into employee use and/or abuse of their network(s). Singlefin is privately funded and is headquartered in Cardiff by the Sea, Calif.


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