Qwest Communications Launches Voice XML Call Center Solutions

00:00:00 - 17 August 2004

New EZ-Route 3.0 Tool Allows Customers to Develop Customized, Voice-Prompted Call Center Menus

DENVER, August 17, 2004 — Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE:Q) today announced it has signed contracts with more than 400 business customers to provide Qwest Web Contact Center™ (QWCC) services as part of the customers' call center solutions.

Customers from a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, banking and state governments, use QWCC services to route large call volumes and enhance customer service within their call centers.

Qwest also announced today the launch of EZ-Route™ version 3.0. Provided with QWCC, EZ-Route 3.0 enables customers to develop customized, voice-prompted call center menus, which allow callers to easily select options such as customer service, support and information. EZ-Route 3.0 is easy to use and can be administered without knowing voice XML code - the markup language used by QWCC to enable applications to interact with the Internet through voice-recognition technology. Over 300 existing QWCC customers have upgraded to EZ-Route 3.0.

Apptera, a leader of configurable, packaged speech application software, is among the more than 400 businesses currently using QWCC. Apptera uses Qwest's toll-free voice service, Web hosting and QWCC to deliver voice-driven, self-service solutions across the enterprise. One of Apptera's packaged applications runs speech recognition software on the QWCC platform to help banking customers locate the nearest automated teller machine (ATM) or branch location. Through a simple phone call, Apptera's automated, voice-enabled software can ‘tell' customers the most precise banking center locations, down to the exact street corner. Apptera helps call centers of all sizes to dramatically save money by reducing their dependence on live customer service representatives and by increasing use of self-service versus traditional touch-tone systems. With QWCC as part of the solution, Apptera also can assure its customers of secure financial data when used in the call center environment.

"Banking has become an around-the-clock activity, requiring secure, immediate and reliable 24X7 access to information," said Steve Ehrlich, vice president of marketing for Apptera. "As a leader in call center solutions, Qwest plays a critical role in helping Apptera deploy packaged voice solutions to financial services institutions that address these customer needs quickly, reliably and cost-effectively."

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. recently named Qwest Communications the recipient of its Partner of the Year for Managed Services award. Presented at Genesys' annual user conference, the award is based on Qwest's sales success and marketing efforts for 2004 and Qwest's delivery of packaged applications that benefit customers with competitive and cost-saving value. QWCC leverages the Genesys Voice Platform, which uses voice XML technology, to support QWCC's integration with Web, computer telephony integration (CTI) platforms and database information.

"Qwest has leveraged the Genesys Voice Platform and provided additional value to their customers through supplemental applications," said Robert Thronson, vice president of managed services at Genesys. "We are happy to honor Qwest for their ability to understand and effectively address customer needs in a hosted call center offering."

About Qwest Web Contact Center

QWCC is an interactive voice response and voice recognition solution for businesses that create call center applications, such as speech recognition functions. Based on the voice XML standard, QWCC is available as stand-alone in the network or can integrate with the customer's existing business systems.

About Qwest

Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q) is a leading provider of voice, video and data services. With more than 40,000 employees, Qwest is committed to the "Spirit of Service" and providing world-class services that exceed customers' expectations for quality, value and reliability. For more information, please visit the Qwest Web site at www.qwest.com.


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