Aplus.net Offers Wholesale Pricing for Small Business Websites

00:00:00 - 16 August 2004

Partners can benefit immediately by adding sought after and profitable product to their portfolio without the technology hassle.

SAN DIEGO--Aug. 16, 2004—Aplus.Net (www.aplus.net) , the award Internet Presence provider, today announced the availability of its web hosting and web design services on a wholesale base to qualifying Partners. The services are available immediately and come with a substantial discount of up to 50% off the current retail price. Complete account management system will be available to qualified Partners at no extra charge. It provides automated provisioning, automated billing, customer care and full automation of the back office processes. It uses the award winning Rodopi Software (www.rodopi.com), which is a commercial OSS software used by over 3 million End Users around the world. Aplus.Net is not charging qualified partners for the cost of the Rodopi software.

Potential partners include all business, selected associations and non-profit organizations that have a substantial existing customer base.

"We have been developing this product line for years. Now we are opening it to partners who are willing to take advantage of the lucrative Internet market without investing the money, time and effort in IT costs." says Ivan Vachovsky, CEO of Aplus.Net.

Aplus.Net simplifies buying and selling websites to small businesses through an easy-to-use process. Step 1 asks, "What name do you want on the Internet?" Step 2 asks if the client wants to sell merchandise on their site. Step 3 offers web design services and provides more than 3,500 sample websites templates.

"Our offer removes all the technology terms and uses simple English" says Diane Brandis, Executive Vice President of Aplus.Net. "The market's response has been overwhelming. Everyone is tired of trying to buy Internet services off of a Chinese menu of confusing choices." Aplus.net's tag line is "Internet Made Simple."

About Aplus.net
Aplus.Net is a leading provider of Internet services to small and medium-sized businesses is one of the largest privately held web hosting companies in America. Aplus.net has received many awards for excellence, including the CNET Editors' Choice Award. Aplus.net owned by Abacus America Inc., established in 1992.

For more information about Aplus.net, please visit www.aplus.net.


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