Wild Man Offers Shocking Web Hosting Prices

00:00:00 - 12 August 2004

August 12, 2004 - (HostReview.com) - Traditional web hosting companies have recently become shocked and horrified by the offerings from upstart reseller URLs Gone Wild .net at http://www.URLsGoneWild.net. The breakthrough pricing of less than 18 cents a month per domain hosted for a fully loaded account of 100 domains is rumored to be wreaking havoc in the normally staid and professional world of web based services.

A second blow to industry standards comes from the elimination of extra charges to add domains to an existing server account. The standard has been to allow only one domain per account or charge a monthly fee of $2.95 or more for each domain added. What URLsGoneWild.net has done is to enable the account holder to add or remove domains at will for no additional cost. The cost of the hosting package is $17.95 a month for 1 to 100 domains hosted.

URLs Gone Wild .net has shattered the long held notion that web hosting is an inherently expensive and mysterious service that is best left to a "priesthood" of technical specialists. By introducing what is called the "insane reseller hosting offer," web designers, Internet marketers and small business owners are now being told that they can run their own offsite virtual server without the need for an expensive intermediary to install domains, set up email accounts or add programming scripts to the server.

In fact, each domain on the account is provided with its own control panel so that options can be set up independent of any other domains. In essence, each domain appears to have its own web server at a cost that may be 10 to 100 times less than traditional offerings.

URLs Gone Wild .net expects an imminent shakeout in the web hosting industry as companies dependent on traditional pricing structures are forced to throw in the towel or purchase these "insane" reseller hosting accounts and quietly resell the hosting services under their own brand.

URLs Gone Wild .net is offering the special "insane" pricing of $17.95 per month for a reseller web hosting package until Labor Day (September 6, 2004) on its website prominently featuring a "Wild Man" at http://www.URLsGoneWild.net.

URLs Gone Wild at http://www.URLsGoneWild.net is a new online service that shatters the traditional concept that web hosting is the exclusive domain of high priced unapproachable specialists.


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