Template Monster Launches Dynamic Flash Templates Production Line

00:00:00 - 12 August 2004

Template Monster states you don’t need Macromedia Flash to own a website with Dynamic Flash templates.

BROOKLYN, N.Y., August 4, 2004 - Template Monster, the world's #1 website template provider, introduces a new production line: Dynamic Flash templates. These Flash templates are not only eye-catching and impressive, but also super easy to edit. You don't need to master Flash; you don't need Macromedia Flash at all!

Flash-based websites share a peculiar feature - most practically do not get updated. This happens because the owners of such sites encounter a series of problems, including the fact that they should purchase the Macromedia Flash package and learn the basics of its use. But there is a new version of this technology - Flash MX 2004. And thanks to this innovation, Template Monster now creates dynamic site editing content in which there is no necessity to have some kind of knowledge in Macromedia Flash. All text content now rests, as it should, in text files, and pictures lie in the directory in which the site itself is located. And that's not all! Text in Flash can now be presented in HTML and supports some tags.

"Many of our customers are businessmen who have little time and a limited budget for website development, so when they buy a website template, they want to save time and money," Project Manager Charles Tonti said. "They don't want additional headaches like purchasing Macromedia Flash for $499 and learning how to use it. So these Dynamic Flash templates fit the bill."

Flash is fun. That's why we like it. There's nothing like opening a website and being pierced by the rays of a rotating lighthouse lantern or hearing a golf club slice through grass to convince you that are being entertained, that someone wants your attention and is willing to work for it.

For this reason, Flash has become the standard for websites, and you must either use it or lose your edge in the highly competitive environment of the Internet. Fortunately, using Flash doesn't mean mastering it. When Template Monster is on the job, anyone can have a well-designed and up-to-date website with their Dynamic Flash templates.

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