New Domain Name Resource Site Launched

00:00:00 - 05 September 2003

DevStart Launches New Web Site to Provide Daily Information On Deleted and Newly Registered Domain Names

San Diego, California -September 4, 2003- DevStart, a leading provider of web development resources, announced today that they have successfully launched their new website DomainInformer.com (www.domaininformer.com).

DomainInformer.com provides real-time information on deleted domains, "on hold" domains and detailed statistics on new domain registrations. This allows DomainInformer.com site users to snap up desirable domain names from the deleted pool as soon as they become available and to protect brand identity by monitoring suspicious new registration activity around established names or trademarks.

"This site will be invaluable to individuals and companies that follow domain events and/or intend to register and operate their own domains," said Ben Fisher, director of sales for DevStart. "The site was designed to be easy to navigate and is arranged with information that will support any domain operation, including informative industry articles, news and updates."

DomainInformer.com went the extra mile to gather the best domain articles available written by invited experts to share their experience and knowledge to benefit site visitors. DomainInformer.com is integrated into DevStart's developer net system and provides web developers with yet another extremely useful free resource.

"Our newest website is growing as a noted place for domain registrations," said Milena Sotirova, editor for DevStart. "The pace of development is exciting as the addition of the DomainInformer.com website makes DevStart the one stop shop for comprehensive web development resouces."

DomainInformer.com is not a domain name registrar, but it does provide useful links to the best domain name registrars as well as unbiased information, ranking, etc. about the acting domain name registrars.

About DevStart, Inc. (www.devstart.com)

DevStart is a leading technology company that owns and operates eight websites that provide tools and resources for web developers. The DevStart family of websites offer information on creating, maintaining, and promoting websites. The websites included in the Devstart family are: HostReview.com, WebKnowHow.net, PromotionWorld.com, CGIDirectory.com, JavaScriptSearch.com, HTMLPrimer.com and DomainInformer.com. For more information visit, please visit www.devstart.com.


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