ISPs Can Finally Profit from Web Analysis

00:00:00 - 22 May 2003

ClickTracks, Inc. Releases ClickTracks ISP May 22, 2003—Sunnyvale, California—Earlier today, ClickTracks Inc. (www.clicktracks.com) announced the release of ClickTracks ISP, the latest in their line of award-winning site metrics software.

ClickTracks ISP keeps the same intuitive, highly visual user interface of previous versions while adding functionality designed for ISPs and other web hosting companies. ClickTracks ISP is the first product that makes it possible for ISPs to earn a profit from web analytics solutions, rather than viewing web stats as a cost they much begrudgingly incur.

ClickTracks ISP:
Is easy to understand: It superimposes web metrics on top of a web site, so users can see where visitors click and what paths they take. The interface is highly visual, extremely intuitive and better than a fancy pie chart any day.
Puts the end user in control of their data: We don't know everything the end user wants to know! But neither does anyone else...even the most expensive companies. We offer ad hoc reporting, allowing the user to select and report on the criteria and parameters important to them.

Doesn't require a pocket protector: It works for techies, but it works for right-brained marketers, too. All this flexibility without the need for the IT cavalry? It's almost scandalous! Is priced way lower than it should be: Come to think of it, with all of the neat features, responsive tech support and plans for improving the product, we probably should be charging more. But we're not, for right now. Just revel in the beauty of a good deal. ISPs and web hosting companies should consider switching from their current web stats 'solution' to ClickTracks ISP because:
It's profitable: When clients need more storage, ISPs up their quota and bill them more. But when clients need more robust web analytics, ISPs send them (and their checkbooks) running? Not any more. Create revenue for your own business by offering a product your clients are actively seeking and willing to pay for.
It distributes analysis between your servers and the client's machine: By offloading a significant part of the analysis to the client's machine, ClickTracks ISP frees up server resources. Give your server a vacation before it decides to take one!
It's easy to switch: Switching isn't a painful process. It won't be too expensive, nor will it take up too much time. And we'll guide you through it, step-by-step.
It's co-brandable: We certainly don't mind sharing the credit and the glory...After all, you deserve it for introducing your customers to a truly innovative web metrics product! ClickTracks ISP is available at a cost of $3000/30-domain pack. For more information on recommended pricing, licensing options and features, visit www.clicktracks.com/isp.

About ClickTracks

ClickTracks Analyzer was designed out of sheer frustration with existing web metrics offerings. Spending hour upon hour trying to understand web site visitors was certainly a motivating experience: there had to be a better way. ClickTracks Analyzer superimposes visitor data on top of a user's website, putting user information in context. ClickTracks Analyzer is award winning software, recently beating NetIQ's WebTrends and Omniture's SiteCatalyst in ClickZ's 2003 Marketing Excellence Awards, Web Site Analytics category. For more information, please visit http://www.clicktracks.com or send e-mail to info@clicktracks.com.


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