SWsoft and Plesk Strengthen Product Offering with OEM Agreement for Virtuozzo, ™ the Only True Virtual Private Server

00:00:00 - 20 May 2003

San Francisco, Calif. May 12, 2003 - SWsoft, Inc a leader in hosting automation and enterprise server software, strengthened its product offering by signing an agreement with Web hosting software provider, Plesk. The new agreement will allow Plesk to OEM the only proven and "true" virtual private server (VPS) technology. Virtuozzo is the only VPS technology that allows each VPS to scale to 64 GB RAM across 16 CPUs.

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Plesk will bundle its award winning Plesk Server Administrator (PSA) software with Virtuozzo in a special agreement with SWsoft. The agreement includes the addition of a PSA provisioning tool to be deployed with Virtuozzo. In addition, Plesk will be offering a Special Software Package to its VPS customers bundling the Virtuozzo and PSA software's for a discounted price.

"We are very pleased with our decision to go with the Plesk and SWsoft solution," said Jacky Yung, CEO, OnSmart Network, Inc. "PSA is a great product and Virtuozzo is the best virtualization technology available, together they are a winning combination for us and our customers."

SWsoft's Virtuozzo, is the world's most powerful OS virtualization technology, providing the functionality and control of a mainframe, only on more affordable, Intel-based servers. Creating fully isolated partitions, called virtual private servers, Virtuozzo allows enterprises and hosting provider customers to dynamically control and better manage server resources, increase hardware efficiency and utilization and support all Linux-based applications. Virtuozzo-based VPS provides the best of both worlds with the capabilities of flexibility and scalability from a dedicated server, but with the benefits of low cost and ease of a use from a shared server.

"We are extremely excited to provide Virtuozzo to our customers and to replace our previous VPS technology. Since the inception of this agreement, Plesk has already begun to realize an increase in sales of VPS," said Jamie Marraccini, President, Plesk, Inc. "We see SWsoft's technology as by far the most stable, feature packed VPS technology available. Our research clearly indicated the Virtuozzo technology to be superior to all of its competitors and the combination of PSA and Virtuozzo provides customers with the best set of applications in their respective spaces. This is further demonstration that user's seek out and select value and innovation. Plesk has always been committed to delivering the best solutions and SWsoft's Virtuozzo is a fantastic addition to the Plesk solution set."

With the emerging market of virtualization technologies in the corporate data center, there is no true leader, but SWsoft does recognize VMware and Connectix as its main competitors in this space as it continues to evolve. SWsoft has plans to aggressively market Virtuozzo to the corporate data center once its Windows product is available later this year. However, in the service provider data center, virtualization has already become widely accepted and SWsoft's Virtuozzo VPS product is the clear leader with the only proven, complete and by far the most efficient virtualization technology available. Plesk is the first of many to realize that it would benefit from standardizing on Virtuozzo rather then developing its own virtualization technology. With SWsoft continuing to add new features to Virtuozzo and rapidly improving the technology, Plesk viewed this as an exceptional opportunity to standardize and provide its customers with the leading solution.

"SWsoft views this as a unique opportunity to strengthen its position as the leading VPS solution in the world, provider of the only true VPS," said Serguei Beloussov, CEO, SWsoft. "We see this change for Plesk as another proof point that Virtuozzo is the only adequate solution for VPS and other technologies simply do not meet the needs of customers. The agreement with Plesk is the beginning of many new opportunities for SWsoft and just an introduction of Virtuozzo becoming the industry standard for VPS."

To promote this new agreement, Plesk has designed a special package for new users. The details include: the Virtuozzo Management Console, 10 virtual private server's on one physical server (up to 2GHz) and ten PSA licenses to manage the new VPS. Plesk will also include System Installation, 1 year of 24x7 E-mail support, and 1 year of updates for both sets of software. Bundled separately the total value of the package is typically $6479 dollars, which for a limited time, Plesk will offer for $4900 dollars.

About SWsoft, Inc.

SWsoft is an advanced server and networking software technology company focused on the development of its patent-pending Virtuozzo™ technology with end-to-end solutions and services for hosting service providers such as Internet data centers, application service providers, managed hosting providers and Web hosters. SWsoft's products deliver powerful, comprehensive solutions that can help data centers automate management, accelerate operations and provide excellent return on investments.

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About Plesk, Inc.

Plesk, Inc. designs, markets and supports software that simplifies and automates the full range of server configuration and management tasks required for professional Web hosting. Using intuitive browser based interfaces Plesk Server Administrator (PSA) enables non-technical customers and Web hosting companies to empower their service resellers to deliver superior customer support at a lower cost. In less than three years, Plesk's software has earned the enthusiastic praise and loyalty of hundreds of Web hosting companies and thousands of their customers worldwide.

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