Fujitsu Components and Comodo demonstrate the future of Secure Input at WinHEC 2003

00:00:00 - 06 May 2003

Kent, UK 6 May 2003. Fujitsu Components, Ltd. (www.fcl.fujitsu.com), manufacturer of quality electronic components, and Comodo, the Internet security specialists, have today announced a demonstration of SIDEN Trust Chip, amongst the first ‘Secure Input Devices' ever developed, as defined by the new NGSCB, at WinHEC 2003, May 6-8 2003.

For more information: http://www.comodogroup.com

‘The next-generation secure computing base (NGSCB) describes the technology and the related development efforts that Microsoft has undertaken to help customers create a safer and more trustworthy computing environment. NGSCB will transform the PC into a platform that can perform trusted operations spanning multiple computers under a trust policy that can be dynamically created and whose integrity anyone can authenticate. The technology being developed as part of NGSCB includes new software that will work on a new breed of PC hardware. This new architecture will provide new capabilities that enable more secure processing on the Microsoft Windows PC platform.' http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/news/NGSCB.asp

Comodo has captured considerable market share in the Certification Authority and Secure Messaging Platform markets and counts various Fortune 500 companies amongst its customers. Through its dedicated research & development lab Comodo has quickly established itself as a leading online security services provider and has strategically partnered with some of the industry's leading technology providers for its security hardware development program. Comodo's cryptography department, headed by CHES 2003 Program Chair Dr Colin Walter, has been critical in the optimization of SIDEN Trust Chip security functionality.

This development represents a significant milestone in the evolution of security solutions for the enterprise and home desktop and enhances the ease by which strong authentication methods can be rolled out to end-users. The SIDEN Trust Chip, implemented into a keyboard, allows the dissemination of cryptographic technology and strong two-factor authentication techniques to be implemented, yet remains completely transparent to the end user. For a SSO session, user name and password or even individual key presses can be digitally signed by an X.509 digital signature held inside the keyboards secure storage.

Fujitsu Components is a leading provider of customer-focused technology and communications solutions for the global marketplace. The significant commercial opportunity of the SIDEN Trust Chip has resulted in the Fujitsu/Comodo strategic partnership for the development of the core functionality.

"Both Comodo and Fujitsu Components have recognized that hardware-based security is essential for the secure use of computers for both business and home users." comments Melih Abdulhayoglu, Chief Security Architect, Comodo Group. "The SIDEN Trust Chip is a unique device that not only brings unparalleled hardware-based security, but by making security affordable removes the barriers usually associated with using such security."

"We are delighted to be partnering with Comodo," comments Ted Horie, Marketing Director, Fujitsu Components America, "Comodo has an excellent history of innovation in both the software and hardware security industry, and Fujitsu's global presence and expert skills in new hardware development result in an ideal partnership for the development of the worlds first NGSCB Secure Input Device."


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