Curtains lifted on Comodo-Fujitsu product collaboration

00:00:00 - 12 February 2003

Kent, UK, 11 February. Comodo, the internet security specialists, has today announced further details of its partnership with Fujitsu Components Europe B.V to deliver a next generation security chip. Comodo and Fujitsu are collaborating on the development, marketing and distribution of input devices based around the SIDEN Trust Chip - a keyboard controller chip with TCPA-compliant Crypto Engine, Smart Card reader and built-in USB hub offering unrivalled cost-effectiveness and security functionality.

For more information: http://www.comodogroup.com

SIDEN Trust Chip is designed as a cost-effective single chip solution that provides security, functionality and trust to the client PC by moving critical security functions away from the insecure PC and operating system and into the secured chip. SIDEN Trust Chip is a TCPA compliant chip built into a keyboard controller which, along with a strong crypto engine, also has a Smart Card reader and 4-port USB hub functions built in.

SIDEN Trust Chip technology allows it to be configured to provide the core functionality for many varied and multiple applications, which results in it being cost effective to build into end products. This flexibility means that SIDEN Trust Chip can potentially drive keyboards, key fobs, smart card readers and many other devices, all from a single chip.

Commenting on today's announcement, Steve Roylance, European Marketing Manager for Input Devices, Fujitsu Components Europe remarks "We have been carefully monitoring the growth of demand that now exists for cost-effective, secured Input Devices. With SIDEN Trust Chip and our collaboration with Comodo we believe we have the perfect solution to satisfy this demand, as well as providing the flexibility to support many security-related applications."

"Hardware based security has become critical to the protection of our digital assets" asserts Melih Abdulhayoglu, Chief Security Architect with the Comodo Group who continues, "SIDEN Trust Chip will enable high levels of security to be delivered at low cost to a wide range of products and applications. Cost is the main driving force in mass-market adoption of any consumer product and security is no different. With that in mind we have designed SIDEN Trust Chip (a TCPA compliant chip) in order to achieve mass-market penetration. We intend to empower the customers to provide "Privacy through Security" and our SIDEN Trust Chip will help aid this ultimate goal, cost effectively."

Fujitsu Components is a leading provider of customer-focused technology and communications solutions for the global market place. The significant commercial opportunity of the SIDEN Trust Chip has resulted in the Fujitsu/Comodo strategic partnership for the development of the core functionality, together with marketing and distribution initiatives.

Comodo has quickly established itself as the second largest SSL Certification Authority in the world and is developing the market-leading SIDEN Trust Chip range of hardware security products through its renowned research and development laboratory. As well as Fujitsu, Comodo has strategically partnered with more of the industry's leading technology providers for its security hardware development program.

For more details of the SIDEN Trust Chip, telephone Europe +44 (0) 1622 832700 or US (720) 904-9120, or visit the Comodo Home Page at http://www.comodogroup.com. For email inquiries please contact enterprisesales@comodogroup.com.

About Fujitsu:
Fujitsu Components Europe B.V. markets and distributes electronic components throughout Europe. Products include: relays, connectors, input and pointing devices, and thermal printers.
For further product information contact:
European headquarters, Fujitsu Components Europe B.V., Diamantlaan 25, 2132 WV Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, Tel. +31 23 556 0910, Fax. +31 23 556 0950, e-mail: info@fceu.fujitsu.com, website: http://www.fceu.fujitsu.com.

About Comodo:
Comodo (www.comodogroup.com) is a leading Internet security specialist and provides next generation E-commerce Security Solutions. Through a growing range of products, services and applications developed by its dedicated research lab, Comodo provides software, hardware, secure messaging and certificate based security. Since launching its SSL solutions in March 2002, Comodo has experienced growing success as an SSL Provider. According to the Netcraft Server Survey (www.netcraft.com/survey), "Comodo has been responsible for intensifying competition and enlivening the SSL industry."


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