Microsoft Exchange Environments: No Dollars and No Time Solutions from Sonasoft

06:42:42 - 03 September 2009

In today's busy IT world, both money and time are premium commodities. IT professionals are looking to save both time and money. With the advent of virtualization, customers are able to reduce operational costs and improve system efficiency. The next step in this evolution is to consolidate multiple functions and applications onto those same virtual servers. One area of growing concern is in the Exchange environment. With the annual growth of email estimated at 40%, network administrators are faced with the need to implement Disaster Recovery and High Availability solutions for this critical information. However this implementation costs quite a lot of time and money. Wouldn't it be great to be able to buy an appliance for Exchange DR that immediately provides an Exchange DR server, a backup recovery and replication application and a SQL database all in one appliance? Timely installation is virtually eliminated, costs are kept to a minimum, reliability is greatly enh! anced and email is now safe and secure. This would truly be a plug n play Exchange DR solution.

Solutions from Sonasoft

Using Sonasoft's award winning Exchange Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity technology, the local backups are directed to a storage device and emails are then replicated to the Exchange DR server. This approach eliminates the need for a separate backup solution. Sonasoft's technological approach to DR and BC is to provide a 2 in 1 solution that incorporates both backup/recovery and replication for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity on a single integrated platform. This approach also provides the ability for the customer to test DR and BC readiness by simply "failing over" one mailbox and then "failing it back". No other solution in the world allows for this testing feature and the reason lies in Sonasoft's ability to operate both the production Exchange Server and the DR site Server in the active - active mode rather than the traditional active - passive mode.

All in One Sonasoft Solution

Because of Sonasoft's unique backup/recovery and replication on a single platform approach, a customer is afforded the opportunity to have one virtualized server that contains Microsoft Exchange, a backup/recovery and replication application and a SQL database installed on one server. OEMs will also find this packaged solution attractive due to the increased functionality being consolidated onto one turnkey customer solution.

Sonasoft DR Solution

Sonasoft offers a unique solution, which provides an integrated data protection, high availability and disaster recovery solution for Exchange servers. In Sonasoft's approach, the backup is integrated with the replication and the users get a two-in-one solution. Typically, customers have to go to two different vendors to implement two disparate solutions to achieve the same result. Also, it will cost three to four times more to implement these solutions compared to what is offered by Sonasoft. With Sonasoft, the replication is very application specific. In the case of Exchange, the replication is done at a mailbox level. The solution provides total disaster recovery protection and enables reliable business continuity.

About SonasoftR

Sonasoft, Inc. revolutionized the Disaster Recovery / Failover / Replication and Email Archiving process for MS Exchange; MS SQL & Windows Servers with its groundbreaking SonaSafeT Point-Click RecoveryT solutions. Designed to simplify, automate, and eliminate human error in the backup and recovery process, SonaSafe solutions also centralize the management of multiple servers and provide a cost-effective turnkey disaster recovery strategy for companies of all sizes. For more information, please visit www.sonasoft.com

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